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The Critic’s Choice Playlist December 2 2018

1st hour 1)brian wilson-melt away-brian wilson-1988 2)case lang veirs-1000 miles away-case lang veirs-2016 3)jd mcpherson-ugly sweater blues-socks-2018 4)marianne faithfull-this little bird-love in a mist-1965 5)john hiatt-hide your tears-the eclipse sessions-2018 6)echo & the bunnymen-seven seas-the stars the

The Critic’s Choice Playlist November 25, 2018

Critic's Choice the bridge

1st hour 1)mike doughty-white lexus-haughty melodic-2005 2)goodnight moonshine-what we asked for-i’m the only one-2018 3)rhett miller-you were a stranger-the messenger-2018 4)norah jones-those sweet words-feels like home-2004 5)townes van zandt-to live is to fly-high low & in between-1971

The Critic’s Choice Playlist November 18, 2018

1st hour 1)paul mc cartney-happy with you-egypt station-2018 2)rachel garlin-hey garrett-hello again ep-2018 3)roy orbison & rpo-falling-unchained melodies-2018 4)norah jones-the long day is over-come away with me-2002 5)paul kelly-the trees-nature-2018 6)elvis costello-kid about it-imperial bedroom-1982 7)tami neilson-one

The Critic’s Choice Playlist November 11, 2018

Critic's Choice the bridge

1st hour 1)bob dylan-buckets of rain-more blood more tracks-2018 2)molly burch-first flower-first flower-2018 3)kris kristofferson-help me make it through the night-kristofferson-1970 4)becca smith-all this time-i 26-2018 5)nick drake-place to be-pink moon-1972 6)drivin n cryin-bring home the bacon-scarred

The Critic’s Playlist November 4, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year 1st hour 1)beach boys-a young man is gone-little deuce coup-2018 2)goodnight moonshine-lost & found-i’m the only one-2018 3)paul kelly-morning storm-nature-2018 4)amanda shires-charms-to the sunset-2018 5)billy bragg-little time bomb-workers playtime-2018 6)the byrds-ballad

The Critic’s Choice Playlist October 28, 2018

The Bridge Critics Choice

1st hour 1)jim james-you get to rome-uniform clarity-2018 2)rosanne cash-particle & wave-she remembers everything-2018 3)elvis costello-photographs can lie-look now-2018 4)liz brasher-remain-outcast ep-2018 5)lyle lovett-i loved you yesterday-pontiac-1987 6)paul mccartney & wings-baby’s request-back to the egg-1979 7)jillette johnson-not

Critic’s Choice Playlist October 21, 2018

The Critic's Choice | The Bridge at 105.5 Charleston

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year 1st hour 1)prince-crazy you-for you-1978 2)i’m with her-crescent city-see you around-2018 3)paul simon-can’t run but-in the blue light-2018 4)molly burch-next to me-first flower-2018 5)bob dylan-spanish harlem incident-another side of bob dylan-1964