The Critic’s Choice Sunday April 26, 2015

The Critic's Choice | The Bridge at 105.5 Charleston

the critic’s choice/wcoo/105.5 the bridge
charleston, sc sunday 9am-noon
streaming live @

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)my morning jacket-get the point-the waterfall-2015
2)greezy wheels-curious-unusual thing-2015
3)bob dylan-soon after midnight-tempest-2012
4)the staves-steady-if i was-2015
5)hollis brown-mi amor-3 shots-2015
6)josh rouse-pheasant feather-the embers of time-2015
7)prince-do u lie-parade-1986
8)squirrel nut zippers-it all depends-bedlam ballroom-2000
9)the proclaimers-moral compass-let’s hear it for the dogs-2015
10)ryan adams-my heart is broken-jacksonville city nights-2005
11)paul mccartney-bluebird-band on the run-1973
12)jessi teich-the simple life-twisted soul-2015
13)matt jaffe-i wanna be cruel-blast of ep-2015
14)oar-two hands up-the rockville lp-2014
15)eilen jewel-worried mind-sundown over ghost town-2015
2nd hour
1)calexico-when the angels played-edge of the sun-2015
2)etta james-almost persuaded-1968
3)pokey lafarge-wanna be your man-something in the water-2015
4)nicki bluhm-waiting on love-loved wild lost-2015
5)jefferson airplane-d.c.b.a-25surrealistic pillow-1967
6)houndmouth-honey slider-little neon limelight-2015
7)talking heads-seen & not seen-remain in light-1980
8)kitty, daisy & lewis-feeling of wonder-the third-2015
9)glen campbell-angel dream-meet glen campbell-2008
10)they might be giants-i can help the next in line-glean-2015
11)raelyn nelson band-moon song-raelyn nelson band ep-2015
12)nick drake-northern sky-bryter layter-1970
13)great lake swimmers-something like a storm-a forest of arms-2015
14)mac mccaughan-barely there-non believers-2015
15)orgone-down down down-beyond the sun-2015
3rd hour
1)matthew sweet-life without you-altered beast-1993
2)jenny lewis-you can’t outrun em-the voyager-2014
3)pixies-silver snail-indie cindy-2014
4)juliana hatfield three-little pieces-become what you are-1993
5)guster-careful-keep it together-2003
6)will hoge-all i want is us tonight-small town dreams-2015
7)the word-you brought the sunshine-soul food-2015
8)the smiths-girlfriend in a coma-strangeways here we come-1987
9)sister sparrow-sugar-the weather below-2015
10)will butler-witness-policy-2015
12)best coast-fading fast-california nights-2015
13)the ruen brothers-motor city-point dume ep-2015
14)the archetypes-gulfstream-the archetypes-2015