The Critic’s Choice Sunday June 28, 2015

Critic's Choice - The Bridge at 105.5

the critic’s choice/wcoo/105.5 the bridge
charleston, sc sunday 9am-noon
streaming live @

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year
1st hour
1)lyle lovett-creeps like me-i love everybody-1994
2)parlour tricks-broken hearts/bones-broken hearts/bones-2015
3)brian wilson-whatever happened-no pier pressure-2015
4)samantha crain-when you come back-under branch & thorn-2015
5)the proclaimers-moral compass-let’s hear it for the dogs-2015
6)jd souther-show me what you mean-tenderness-2015
7)nellie mckay-quicksilver girl-my weekly reader-2015
8)t bone burnett-house of mirrors-truth decay-1980
9)jackie greene-light up your window-back to birth-2015
10)dawes-waiting for your call-all your favorite bands-2015
11)buffy sainte marie-farm in the middle-power in the blood-2015
12)the monkees-sometime in the morning-more of the…-1967
13)they might be giants-madam i challenge you to-glean-2015
14)ocean carolina-summersmile-maudlin days-2015
15)big little lions-every time-a little frayed-2015
16)jd mcpherson-steal away-the warm covers ep-2014

2nd hour
1)indigo girls-elizabeth-one lost day-2015
2)butterfield blues band-get out of my life woman-east west-1966
3)kacey musgraves-high time-pagaent material-2015
4)sugar-if i can’t change your mind-copper blue-1993
5)kopecky-real life-drug for the modern age-2015
6)ben lee-forgiveness-love is the great rebellion-2015
7)the box tops-i see only sunshine-1969
8)rachel brown-you got me-the band ep-2015
9)the police-voices inside my head-zenyatta mondatta-1980
10)nelson & haggard-driving the herd-django & jimmie-2015
11)booker t & the mgs’s-soul limbo-soul limbo-1968
12)striking matches-what a broken-nothing but the silence-2015
13)paul mccartney-eat at home-ram-1971
14)boxed in-mystery-boxed in-2015
15)della mae-rude awakening-della mae-2015
16)born cages-volcano-i’m glad i’m not me-2015

3rd hour
1)zella day-1965-kicker-2015
2)squeeze-goodbye girl-cool for cats-1979
3)brandi carlile-100-bear creek-2012
4)bruce springsteen-does this bus stop-greetings from-1973
6)the jayhawks-nothing left to borrow-tomorrow the green-1995
7)sister sparrow-sugar-the weather below-2015
8)the pogues-sally maclennane-rum sodomy & the lash-1985
9)giant sand-every now & then-heartbreak pass-2015
10)the modern lovers-astral plane-the modern lovers-1976
11)jason isbell-24 frames-something more than free-2015
12)nova heart-dancing barefoot-nova heart-2015
13)bhi bhiman-moving to brussels-rhytm & reason-2015
14)patti smith group-frederick-wave-1979