The Critic’s Choice Sunday August 16, 2015

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)bob dylan-baby let me follow you down-bob dylan-1963
2)emily west-fallen-all for you-2015
3)barenaked ladies-toe to toe-silverball-2015
4)aretha franklin-crazy he calls me-soul ’69-1969
5)joe pug-windfallen-windfall-2015
6)fountains of wayne-everything’s ruined-f.o.w-1996
7)ashley monroe-mayflowers-the blade-2015
8)richie havens-three day eternity-mixed bag-1967
9)the lone bellow-i let you go-then came the morning-2015
10)kacey musgraves-fine-pageant material-2015
11)elvis costello-green shirt-armed forces-1979
12)ruby amanfu-shadow on the wall-standing still-2015
13)lyle lovett-good intentions-his large band-1989
14)billy harvey-all for you-dear danger-2015
15)andrea zonn-another swing & miss-rise-2015
16)ocean carolina-summersmile-maudlin days-2015

2nd hour
1)marie miller-fall alone-you’re not alone ep-2014
2)morphine-swing it low-like swimming-1997
3)brandi carlile-the stranger at my door-firewatcher’s daughter-2015
4)bill haley-framed-still rockin’ around the clock-1969
5)lianne la havas-what you don’t do-blood-2015
6)vintage trouble-my heart won’t fall again-1 hopeful rd-2015
7)little feat-spanish moon-feats don’t fail me now-1974
8)the staves-teeth white-if i was-2015
9)the bellfuries-why do you haunt me-workingman’s bellfuries-2015
10)buddy guy-you got what it takes-born to play guitar-2015
11)tammy wynette-it keeps me slipping my mind-stand by your-1969
12)nathaniel rateliff-mellow out- n rateliff & night sweats-2015
13)giant sand-home sweat home-heartbreak pass-2015
14)the landing-everything all the time-how strange to be-2015
15)dan bern-late show-hoody-2015
16)lighthouse & whaler-i want to feel alive-mont royal-2015

3rd hour
1)the rua-without you-essence-2015
2)donavon frankenreiter-too much water-pass it around-2008
3)gin wigmore-nothing to no one-blood to bone-2015
4)the feelies-on the roof-the good earth-1986
5)susie blue-crazy cause i love you-susie blue-2015
6)jack white-hypocritical kiss-blunderbuss-2012
7)the squares-this is airebeat-1979
8)malpass brothers-it’ll be me-malpass brothers-2015
9)lou reed-endlessly jealous-new sensation-1984
10)allen stone-freezer burn-radius-2015
11)zz ward-criminal-eleven roses ep-2012
12)the clash-atom tan-combat rock-1982
13)the jayhawks-it’s up to you-sound of lies-1997
14)royal headache-carolina-high-2015