The Critic’s Choice Sunday August 30, 2015

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)daniel johnston-mind contorted-fun-1994
2)lizz wright-blessed the brave-freedom & surrender-2015
3)craig finn-sarah calling from a hotel-faith in the future-2015
4)fleetwood mac-honey hi-tusk-1979
5)nathaniel rateliff-i’ve been failing-n rateliff & night sweats-2015
6)van morrison-warm love-hard nose the highway-1973
7)alabama shakes-guess who-sound & color-2015
8)yo la tengo-speeding motorcycle-fakebook-1990
9)austin plaine-your love-austin plaine-2015
10)dawes-just my luck-stories don’t end-2013
11)nicolette larson-give a little-nicolette-1978
12)steve earle-gamblin’ blues-terraplane-2015
13)elvis costello-big sister’s clothes-trust-1981
14)bob dylan-rocks & gravel-true detective sdtrk-2015
15)beach house-wildflower-depression cherry-2015
16)handsome family-far from any road-true detective sdtrk-2015

2nd hour
1)billy bragg-you woke up my neighborhood-don’t try this-1991
2)shemekia copeland-isn’t that so-outskirts of love-2015
3)frank turner-the opening act-positive songs for negative-2015
4)eilen jewel-hallelujah band-sundown over ghost town-2015
5)dashboard confessional-this ruined puzzle-the places you-2001
6)robert cray-bad influence-4 nights of 40 years live-2015
7)rayland baxter-oh my captain-imaginary man-2015
8)barbra streisand-where you lead-barbra joan streisand-1971
9)tim wheeler-feels like summer-shaun the sheep-2015
10)wilco-taste the ceiling-star wars-2015
11)laura marling-false hope-short movie-2015
12)stevie wonder-i’d be a fool-for once in my life-1968
13)phil cook-anybody else-southland mission-2015
14)john mark nelson-control-i’m not afraid-2015
15)the waifs-somebody’s gonna get hurt-beautiful you-2015
16)twin within-we talk-horizontal lines-2015

3rd hour
1)ruby amanfu-one by one-standing still-2015
2)violent femmes-out the window-why do birds sing-1991
3)zz ward-if i could be her-til the casket drops-2012
4)superdrag-her melancholy tune-last call for vitriol-2002
5)ashley monroe-winning streak-the blade-2015
6)barenaked ladies-duct tape heart-silverball-2015
7)ween-bananas & blow-white pepper-2000
8)ben lee-victory-love is the great rebellion-2015
9)dave & phil alvin-papa’s on the house top-lost time-2015
10)the distractions-time goes by so slow-1979
11)brandi carlile-i’ll still be there-bear creek-2012
12)the beatles-you can’t do that-a hard day’s night-1964
13)milo greene-white lies-control-2015
14)the knack-that’s what the little girls do-get the knack-1979