The Critic’s Choice Sunday September 13, 2015

The Critic's Choice | The Bridge at 105.5 Charleston

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year
1st hour

1)elvis costello-good year for the roses-almost blue-1981

2)eagle rock gospel singers-amen-heavenly fire-2015

3)the arcs-searching the blue-yours dreamily-2015

4)patty griffin-good & gone-servant of love-2015

5)van morrison-hungry for your love-wavelength-1978

6)craig finn-going to a show-faith in the future-2015

7)squirrel nut zippers-meant to be-hot-1997

8)great lake swimmers-a jukebox in a desert-a forest-2015

9)bob marley-turn your lights down low-exodus-1977

10)kopecky-thrill-drug for the modern age-2015

11)george harrison-if not for you-all things must pass-1970

12)madisen ward-whole lotta problems-skeleton crew-2015

13)pokey lafarge-the spark-something in the water-2015

14)songs of water-reverie-stars & dust-2015

15)the waifs-6000 miles-beautiful you-2015
2nd hour

1)johnnyswim-paris in june-diamonds-2014

2)paul weller-no tears to cry-wake up the nation-2010

3)ben folds-yes man-so there-2015

4)leigh nash-cruel heart-the state i’m in-2015

5)the lemonheads-if i could talk-car button cloth-1996

6)robert cray-more than i can stand-strong persuader-1986

7)vanessa carlton-willows-liberman-2015

8)rayland baxter-all in my head-imaginary man-2015

9)yo la tengo-automatic doom-stuff like that there-2015

10)pil-whole life time-what the world needs now-2015

11)the monkees-tomorrow’s gonna be another-the monkees-1966

12)danielle nicole-waiting on your love-wolf den-2015

13)the blasters-i wish you would-american music-1980

14)edward anderson-sentimental in morning-lower alabama-2015

15)roger lion-let’s divorce-roger lion-2015

16)the paper kites-i’m lying to you-twelvefour-2015
3rd hour

1)bruce springsteen-i wanna marry you-the river-1980

2)liz vice-there’s a light-there’s a light-2015

3)frank turner-glorious you-positive songs for neg people-2015

4)10,000 maniacs-few & far between-our time in eden-1992

5)willie & merle-driving the herd-django & jimmie-2015

6)n rateliff-look it here-n rateliff & the night sweats-2015

7)the kinks-set me free-1965

8)maia sharp-nothing but the radio-the dash between-2015

9)mink de ville-spanish stroll-cabretta-1977

10)the silver lake chorus-wreckage-tslc-2015

11)wilco-the joke explained-star wars-2015

12)the b 52’s-dirty road back-wild planet-1980

13)the bottle rockets-xoyou-south broadway athletic club-2015

14)red hot chili peppers-we believe-stadium arcadium-20