The Critic’s Choice Sunday September 20, 2015

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year
1st hour

1)sunny day real estate-pheurton skeurto-diary-1994

2)shawn colvin-gimme a little sign-uncovered-2015

3)ben folds-not a fan-so there-2015

4)yo la tengo-friday i’m in love-stuff like that there-2015

5)libertines-you’re my waterloo-anthems for doomed youth-2015

6)joe jackson-so you say-fast forward-2015

7)patty griffin-rider of days-servant of love-2015

8)paul simon-flowers never bend with the rain-p.s. songbook-1965

9)gabe dixon-flow like wine-turns to gold-2015

10)alo-strange days-tangle of time-2015

11)the doors-i can’t see your face in my mind-strange days-1967

12)leigh nash-somebody’s yesterday-the state i’m in-2015

13)beirut-at once-no no no-2015

14)balthazar-so easy-thin walls-2015

15)emilie & ogden-babel-10 000-2015

16)darlingside-birds say-birds say-2015
2nd hour

1)paul mccartney-get it-tug of war-1982

2)vanessa carlton-unlock the lock-liberman-2015

3)stereophonics-song for the summer-keep the village alive-2015

4)the silver lake chorus-same song-tslc-2015

5)they might be giants-someone keeps moving my chair-flood-2015

6)nathaniel rateliff-thank you-n.r. & the night sweats-2015

7)ben kweller & selena gomez-hold on-rudderless-2014

8)harry nilsson-vine st.-nilsson sings newman-1970

9)fort lean-in the hospital-quiet day-2015

10)gary clark jr-cold blooded-the story of sonny boy slim-2015

11)julia nunes-then ok-some feelings-2015

12)the kinks-drivin’-arthur-1969

13)the bottle rockets-smile-south broadway athletic club-2015

14)the pollies-games-not here-2015

15)genevieve bellemare-hiding space-melancholy fever-2015

16)k os-dance in yo car-can’t fly without gravity-2015
3rd hour

1)billy bragg-the marriage-talking with taxman about poetry-1986

2)danielle nicole-waiting on your love-wolf den-2015

3)the arcs-velvet ditch-yours dreamily-2015

4)the bird & the bee-will you dance-recreational love-2015

5)van morrison-real real gone-enlightenment-1990

6)dawes-someone will-stories don’t end-2013

7)webb wilder-only a fool-mississippi moderne-2015

8)joni mitchell-free man in paris-court & spark-1974

9)glen hansard-lowly deserter-didn’t he ramble-2015

10)sam outlaw-hole down in my heart-angeleno-2015

11)public image ltd-the one-what the world needs now-2015

12)hall & oates-hard to be in love-voices-1980

13)shannon & the clams-it’s too late-gone by dawn-2015

14)meat puppets-roof with a hole-too high to die-1994