The Critic’s Choice Sunday September 27, 2015

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year
1st hour
1)big star-give me another chance-#1 record-1972
2)lucero-i’m in love with a girl-all a man should do-2015
3)glen hansard-just to be with you-didn’t he ramble-2015
4)meg myers-the morning after-sorry-2015
5)jason & the scorchers-far behind-lost & found-1985
6)webb wilder-i’m not just anybody’s-miss. moderne-2015
7)danielle nicole-take it all-wolf den-2015
8)paul mccartney-sweetest little show-pipes of peace-1983
9)gabe dixon-these wheels-turns to gold-2015
10)the wood brothers-heartbreak lullaby-paradise-2015
11)vanessa carlton-matter of times-liberman-2015
12)the flying burrito brothers-cody cody-burrito deluxe-1970
13)barenaked ladies-toe to toe-silverball-2015
14)roger lion-locked up for years-roger lion-2015
15)genevieve bellemare-don’t make me-melancholy fever-2015
16)donnie fritts-them old love songs-oh my goodness-2015

2nd hour
1)joe jackson-if it wasn’t for you-fast forward-2015
2)rilo kiley-it just is-more adventurous-2004
3)don henley-words can break your heart-cass county-2015
4)yo la tengo-i can feel the ice melting-stuff like that-2015
5)frank sinatra-you & the night & the music-ring a ding-1961
6)they might be giants-underwater woman-glean-2015
7)elvis costello-don’t let me be-king of america-1986
8)julia nunes-better than this-some feelings-2015
9)beirut-august holland-no no no-2015
10)the dead weather-impossible winner-dodge & burn-2015
11)mothers of invention-any way the wind-freak out -1966
12)libertines-the milkman’s horse-anthems for doomed-2015
13)matthew sweet-i’ve been waiting-girlfriend-1991
14)austin plaine-never come back again-austin plaine-2015
15)huxlee-teammate-teammate ep-2015
16)bart crow-here we go again-the parade-2015

3rd hour
1)van morrison-glad tidings-moondance-1970
2)brandi carlile-alibi-the firewatcher’s daughter-2015
3)ben folds-capable of anything-so there-2015
4)pom poms-betty-2015
5)the jayhawks-two minute pop song-blue earth-1989
6)gary clark jr-shake-the story of sonny boy slim-2015
7)leigh nash-what’s behind me-the state i’m in-2015
8)the rolling stones-ride on baby-flowers-1967
9)futurebirds-twentyseven-hotel psrtiers-2015
10)ryan adams-all you had to do was stay-1989
11)the decemberists-why would i now-florasongs-2015
12)sam butler-gospel train-raise your hands-2015
13)the chills-heavenly pop hit-submarine bells-1990
14)the bottle rockets-shape of a wheel-south broadway athletic club-2015