The Critic’s Choice Sunday October 18, 2015

The Critic's Choice | The Bridge at 105.5 Charleston

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)leonard cohen-i tried to leave you-new skin-1974

2)leigh nash-tell me now tenn-the state i’m in-2015

3)vintage trouble-from my arms-1 hopeful road-2015

4)shelby lynne-be in the now-i can’t imagine-2015

5)t rex-mystic lady-the slider-1972

6)rev shawn amos-the last day-loves you-2015

7)elvis presley-lonely man-wild in the country-1961

8)laura stevenson-ticker tape-cocksure-2015

9)beirut-as needed-no no no-2015

10)langhorne slim-coffee cups-the way we move-2012

11)ashley monroe-the blade-the blade-2015

12)elvis costello-worthless thing-g’bye cruel world-1984

13)corb lund-run this town-things that can’t be-2015

14)luke pruitt-american home-songs of home-2015

15)seinabo sey-still-pretend-2015

16)majical cloudz-easier said-are you alone-2015
2nd hour

1)maia sharp-stay-the dash between-2015

2)simon & garfunkel-you don’t know where your-1968

3)martin & brickell-so familiar-so familiar-2015

4)soul asylum-to my own devices-let your dim-1995

5)yo la tengo-all your secrets-stuff like that there-2015

6)ryan adams-pearls on a string-easy tiger-2007

7)little may-hide-for the company-2015

8)james brown-a man has to go back-hell-1974

9)jim lauderdale-you were here-soul searching-2015

10)grace potter-your girl-midnight-2015

11)the smiths-well i wonder-meat is murder-1985

12)jill hennessy-digging my own grave-i do-2015

13)boy & bear-where’d you go-limit of love-2015

14)firekid-anna lee-firekid-2015

15)falls-when we were young-omaha-2015

16)bob dylan-rocks & gravel-true detective-2015
3rd hour

1)rayland baxter-all in my head-imaginary man-2015

2)nina simone-my baby just cares-let it be me-1987

3)dave & phil alvin-papa’s on the house-lost time-2015

4)gun outfit-legends of my own-dream all over-2015

5)ray charles-bye bye love-modern sounds in-1962

6)josh ritter-a big enough sky-sermon on the-2015

7)los lobos-evangeline-how will the wolf-1984

8)harris & crowell-bring it on-the traveling kind-2015

9)the kinks-got to be free-lola vs powerman-1970

10)quiet hollers-aviator shades-quiet hollers-2015

11)jason isbell-if it takes-something more than free-2015

12)buddy guy-too late-born to play guitar-2015

13)rhcp-on mercury-by the way-2002

14)swerve-baby blue-swerve ep-2015