The Critic’s Choice Sunday November 15, 2015

The Critic's Choice | The Bridge at 105.5 Charleston

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year
1st hour
1)box tops-i shall be released-dimensions-1969
2)natalie merchant-the letter-paradise is there-2015
3)wood brothers-heartbreak lullaby-paradise-2015
4)shemekia copeland-long as i can-outskirts of-2015
5)bob dylan-she belongs to me-bootleg vol-12-2015
6)au pair-waiting for the first-one armed candy-2015
7)s jones d kings-please come home-it’s a holiday-2015
8)belle & sebastian-chickfactor-the bot with the-1998
9)gabe dixon-flow like wine-turns to gold-2015
10)lucero-i’m in love with-all a man should do-2015
11)ruby amanfu-shadow on the wall-standing still-2015
12)rem-half a world away-out of time-1991
13)king gizzard-sense-paper mache dream balloon-2015
14)alo-strange days-tangle of time-2015
15)hailey whitters-get around-black sheep-2015
16)the bevs-bike-the river rains-2015
2nd hour
1)neil young-can’t believe you’re-this note’s for-1988
2)lianne la havas-what you don’t do-blood-2015
3)ben folds-yes man-so there-2015
4)kacey musgraves-this town-pageant material-2015
5)jackson browne-jamaica say you will-j browne-1972
6)joe jackson-poor thing-fast forward-2015
7)yo la tengo-friday I’m in love-stuff like that-2015
8)ray charles-ny’s my home-genius hits the road-1960
9)martin courtney-little blue-many moons-2015
10)costello & toussaint-ascension day-the river in-2006
11)harris & crowell-if you lived-the traveling kind-2015
12)talking heads-give me back my-little creatues-1985
13)dave & phil alvin-cherry red blues-lost time-2015
14)hamish anderson-little lies-restless ep-2014
15)genevieve bellemare-hiding space-melancholy-2015
16)cody jinks-ready for the-adobe sessions-2015
3rd hour
1)glen hansrad-lowly deserter-didn’t he ramble-2015
2)ashley monroe-i buried your love-the blade-2015
3)buddy guy-you got what it-born to play guitar-2015
4)the cure-secrets-seventeen seconds-1980
5)the sheepdogs-same old feeling-future nostalgia-2015
6)beirut-no no no-no no no-2015
7)john denver-mother nature’s son-rocky mt high-1972
8)josh ritter-a big enough-sermon on the rocks-2015
9)rococode-never tear us apart-panic attack-2015
10)love-bummer in the summer-forever changes-1967
11)chris isaak-don’t break my-first comes the night-2015
12)secret someones-let you go-secret someones-2015
13)soul asylum-p 9-clam dip & other delights-1988
14)line & circle-out of metaphors-split figure-2015