The Critic’s Choice December 13th 2015

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)jump little children-your eyes-magazine-1998
2)watkins family hour-feelin good again-wfh-2015
3)tom jones-opportunity to cry-long lost suitcase-2015
4)bird & bee-please take me home-recreational love-2015
5)billy joel-you look so good to me-cold spring harbor-1971
6)barenaked ladies-christmas pics-for the holidays-2004
7)patty griffin-good & gone-servant of love-2015
8)bee gees-kilburn towers-idea-1968
9)jesse malin-the year that i was-ny before the war-2015
10)craig finn-going to a show-faith in the future-2015
11)martin & brickell-always will-so familiar-2015
12)miles davis-miles ahead-miles ahead-1957
13)au pair-make an entrance-one armed candy bear-2015
14)roger lion-oh my god-roger lion-2015
15)genevieve bellemare-next one-melancholy fever-2015
16)alex g-thorns-beach music-2015

2nd hour
1)stp/richard peterson-my 2nd lp-purple-1994
2)leigh nash-mountain-the state i’m in-2015
3)calexico-miles from the sea-edge of the sun-2015
4)the rua-stand out-essence-2015
5)the mystics-hushabye-1959
6)steve forbert-rollin home to someone-compromised-2015
7)johnny clarke-keep on movin-don’t stay out late-1977
8)harris & crowell-i just wanted-the traveling kind-2015
9)king gizzard-time-paper mache dream balloon-2015
10)lucero-who you waiting on-women & work-2012
11)tommy james/shondells-sugar on sunday-crimson &-1969
12)shalo lee-waiting on you now-hometown girl-2015
13)chicago-in terms of two-chicago vi-1973
14)twin within-bernie-horizontal lines-2015
15)gun outfit-legends of my own-dream all over-2015
16)fast romantics-julia-the julia ep-2015

3rd hour
1)ike & tina turner revue-it’s gonna work out fine-1961
2)punch brothers-i blew it off-phosphorescent blues-2015
3)elle king-under the influence-love stuff-2015
4)frank sinatra-the song is you-come dance with me-1958
5)houndmouth-honey slider-little neon limelight-2015
6)boy & bear-man alone-limit of love-2015
7)bangles-where were you when i needed you-1984
9)larkin poe-jesse-kin-2015
10)david bowie-sound & vision-low-1977
11)best coast-fading fast-california nights-2015
12)the mavericks-nitty gritty-mono-2015
13)elvis costello-lip service-this year’s model-1978
14)swerve-baby blue-swerve ep-2015