The Critic’s Choice January 10th 2016

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)t petty h’breakers-no second thoughts-you’re gonna get it-1978
2)andra day-gin & juice-cheers to the fall-2015
3)yo la tengo-automatic doom-stuff like that there-2015
4)the beatles-tes it is-ticket to ride single-1965
5)dylan leblanc-paradise-cautionary tale-2016
6)chris isaak-the way things really-first comes the night-2015
7)best coast-wasted time-california nights-2015
8)stephen stills-to a flame-stephen stills-1970
9)au pair-king of the valley-one armed candy bear-2015
10)jackson browne-something fine-jackson browne-1972
11)sharon jones & dap kings-big bulbs-it’s a holiday soul-2015
12)the church-monday morning-gold afternoon fix-1990
13)steve earle-sparkle & shine-wash square serenade-2007
14)john mark nelson-i won’t win-i’m not afraid-i’m not afraid-2015
15)genevieve bellemare-don’t make me-melancholy fever-2015
16)roger lion-locked up for years-roger lion-2015

2nd hour
1)vic chestnut-gepetto-little-1990
2)laura marling-strange-short movie-2015
3)brian wilson-the right time-no pier pressure-2015
4)jessie baylin-lungs-dark place-2015
5)elvis presley-money honey-elvis presley-1956
6)nada surf-blizzard of ’77-let go-2002
7)bettye lavette-easier to say than do-1970
8)the cure-six different ways-the head on the door-1985
9)the bellfuries-under the light-workingman’s bellfuries-2015
10)cage the elephant-trouble-tell me i’m pretty-2015
11)david bowie-andy warhol-hunky dory-1971
12)aoife o’donovan-stanley park-in the magic hour-2016
13)they might be giants-end of the rope-glean-2015
14)bob woodruff-the sweetest-the year we tried to -2016
15)hopeton lewis-groovin’-1971
16)gun outfit-came to be-dream all over-2015

3rd hour
1)the white stripes-apple blossom-de stijl-2000
2)cicada rhythm-in the garden-cicada rhythm-2015
3)luther dickinson-up over yonder-blues & ballads-2016
4)cyndi lauper-the faraway nearby-true colors-1986
5)richard buckner-daisychain-bloomed-1994
6)st paul &  broken bones-half the city-half the city-2015
7)lone justice-ways to be wicked-lone justice-1985
8)kopecky-talk to me-drug for the modern age-2015
9)nellie mckay-the dog song-get away from me-2004
10)blue rodeo-what am i doing here-casino-1990
11)tom jones-honey honey-long lost suitcase-2015
12)billie holiday-i only have eyes-b holiday sings-1952
13)meat puppets-sewn together-sewn together-2009
14)bruce springsteen-this is your sword-high hopes-2014