The Critic’s Choice January 31st 2016

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)the who-blue red & grey-by numbers-1975
2)lucinda williams-if there’s a heaven-the ghosts-2016
3)james hunter six-something’s calling-hold on-2016
4)innocence mission-follow me-birds of my-1999
5)the staple singers-gamblin’ man-this land-1963
6)luther dickinson-my leavin’-blues & ballads-2016
7)pretenders-i go to sleep-pretenders II-1981
8)the silver lake chorus-home come home-tslc-2015
9)beach boys-i just wasn’t made for-pet sounds-1966
10)alabama shakes-sound & color-sound & color-2015
11)jesus & mary chain-you’ve been a friend-stoned-1994
12)pokey lafarge-bad girl-something in the water-2015
13)eagles-doolin dalton-desperado-1973
14)john cale-back to the end-m fans-2016

2nd hour
1)nap eyes-don’t be right-thought rock fish-2016
2)v.u. &nico-i’ll be ur mirror-v.u. &,nico-1967
3)weezer-jamie-say it ain’t so B side-1995
4)sonya kitchell-at first-we come apart-2016
5)zz top-hot blue & righteous-tres hombres-1973
6)justin t earle-can’t hardly wait-midnight at the-2009
7)indigo- girls-crazy game-strange fire-1987
8)hey marseilles-another life-hey marseilles-2016
9)steve earle-i can wait-transcendental blues-2000
10)graham nash-this path tonight-this path tonight-2016
11)leigh nash-cruel heart-the state i’m in-2015
12)todd rundgren-cold morning light-something any-1972
13)fireships-countdown time-fireships-2016
14)wakey wakey-still life-overreactivist-2016

3rd hour
1)nirvana-plateau-unplugged in new york-1994
2)vandaveer-the final word-the wild mercury-2016
3)yo la tengo-the river of water-the river of water-1985
4)the shirelles-baby it’s you-baby it’s you-1962
5)the fuzzy crystals-wasted-the fuzzy crystals-2016
6)dion-aces up your sleeve-ny is my home-2016
7)kacey musgraves-keep it to yourself-same trailer-2013
8)men at work-catch a star-business as usual-1981
9)andra day-only love-cheers to the fall-2015
10)tom jones-raise a ruckus-long lost suitcase-2015
11)magnetic zeros-no love like yours-person a-2016
12)fleetwood mac-never forget-tusk-1979
13)jefferson airplane-run around-takes off-1966
14)basement-oversized-promise everything-2016