The Critic’s Choice February 21st 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)paul simon-everything put together-paul simon-1972
2)sunflower bean-oh i just don’t-humanceremony-2016
3)jason isbell-flagship-something more than free-2015
4)mary lou lord-lucky one-lights are changing-1998
5)the james hunter six-in the dark-hold on-2016
6)smashing pumpkins-luna-siamese dream-1993
7)kacey musgraves-late to the party-pageant mat-2015
8)herb alpert & tjb-more & more amor-going places-1965
9)vintage trouble-soul serenity-1 hopeful rd-2015
10)yo la tengo-before we stopped-stuff like that-2015
11)pretenders-i remember you-get close-1986
12)tom jones-opportunity to cry-long lost suitcase-2015
13)guster-that’s no way to get-easy wonderful-2010
14)high highs-london after the rain-cascades-2016
15)skylar gudasz-friday night blues-oleander-2016
16)matt andersen-one good song-honest man-2016

2nd hour
1)the weavers-erie canal-1957
2)beam & hoop-every songbird says-love letter-2016
3)heartless bastards-if not for you-george fest-2016
4)bob dylan-winterlude-new morning-1970
5)tami neilson-texas-dynamite-2015
6)t petty/h’breakers-two gunslingers-into the-1991
7)lake street dive-how good it feels-side pony-2016
8)the dandy warhols-give-distortland-2016
9)hoodoo gurus-my girl-stoneage romeos-1984
10)grant l phillips-smoke & sparks-the narrows-2016
11)the everly brothers-walk right back-1961
12)mavis staples-action-livin’ on a high note-2016
13)the kinks-moving pictures-low budget-1979
15)lou doillon-worth saying-lay low-2016
16)jamestown rev-if i needed someone-george fest-2016

3rd hour
1)sloan-i can feel it-twice removed-1994
2)tedeschi trucks-keep your lamp-god don’t never-2016
3)magnetic zeros-no love like yours-person a-2016
4)madonna-i know it-madonna-1983
5)johnny cash-run softly blue river-the fabulous j cash-1958
6)north miss allstars-come go with me-hernando-2008
7)indigo girls-reunion-swamp ophelia-1994
8)chris isaak-baby what you want-first comes the night-2015
9)beau-animal kingdom-that thing reality-2016
10)badfinger-i’d die babe-straight up-1971
11)ra ra riot-every time i’m ready-need your light-2016
12)gazebos-there are worse things i could do-die alone-2016
13)bb king-sweet little angel-1956
14)future elevators-modern world-future elevators-2016