The Critic’s Choice – April 10th 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)wilson pickett-i found the one-the sound of-1967
2)cyndi lauper-misty blue-detour-2016
3)john doe-sweet reward-the westerner-2016
4)marianne faithfull-as tears go by-self-1965
5)grant l phillips-mocasssin creek-the narrows-2016
6)rev horton heat-in your wildest-liquor in the-1994
7)thompson & jones-don’t remind-little wind-2016
8)eddy arnold-anytime-1949
9)future elevators-alabama song-self-2016
10)peter wolf-fun for-a cure for loneliness-2016
11)doris troy-vaya can dios-1970
12)elvis presley-don’t-50,000,000 elvis fans-1959
13)beam & hoop-kiss me quick-love letter for-2016
14)eric lindell-i lost you-matters of the heart-2016
15)santigold-before the fire-99 cents-2016
16)parquet courts-steady on my mind-human-2016

2nd hour
1)sly & family stone-this is love-small talk-1974
2)mo kenney-pretty things-in my dreams-2016
3)nelson & haggard-the only-django & jimmie-2015
4)yo la tengo-butchie’s tune-stuff like that-2015
5)hootie & blowfish-earth stopped-fairweather-1996
6)nathaniel rateliff-mellow out-& night sweats-2015
7)etta james-anything to say you’re -at last-1960
8)hayes carll-love is so easy-lovers & leavers-2016
9)minutemen-there ain’t-double nickels on-1984
10)ben harper-dance like fire-call it what it is-2016
11)elle king-ain’t gonna drown-love stuff-2015
12)hank williams-baby we’re really in love-1951
13)day wave-you-hard to read ep-2016
14)trapper schoepp-lost cowboy-rangers &-2016
15)the prettiots-stabler-funs cool-2016
16)lontalius-my dreams are-i’ll forget 17-2016

3rd hour
1)sean watkins-keep your-what to fear-2016
2)staple singers-we’ll get over-we’ll get over-1970
3)violent femmes-foothills-we can do anything-2016
4)lake st dive-rabid animal-bad self portraits-2014
5)bob dylan-trust yourself-empire burlesque-1985
6)pete yorn-i’m not the one-arrangingtime-2016
7)millie jackson-hypocrisy-it hurts so good-1973
8)last shadow pup-element of-everything-2016
9)tami neilson-honey girl-dynamite-2015
10)frank black-two spaces-frank black-1993
11)kacey musgraves-stupid-same trailer-2013
12)roxy music-could it happen to me-siren-1975
13)tangerine-wild at heart-sugar teeth ep-2016
14)merle haggard-workin man blues-portrait of-1969