The Critic’s Choice – April 17th 2016

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)the dose-adore-the dose ep-2016
2)brandi carlile-happy-brandi carlile-2005
3)sturgill simpson-in bloom-a sailor’s-2016
4)hole-northern star-celebrity skin-1998
5)hank ballard-teardrops on your letter-1959
6)good old war-never gonna-broken-2015
7)mavis staples-love & trust-livin on a-2016
8)delmore brothers-field hand man-1951
9)fuzzy crystals-road to heaven-it’s over-2016
10)alabama shakes-goin to-boys & girls-2012
11)raspberries-come around & see-self-1972
12)honeycutters-golden child-on the-2016
13)yo la tengo-before we-stuff like that-2015
14)plants & animals-flowers-waltzed in-2016

2nd hour
1)jackson 5-can you-d ross presents-1969
2)beam & hoop-know the wild-love letter-2016
3)luther dickinson-ol cannonball-blues-2016
4)ella fitzgerald-little jazz-1958
5)frank black-space is gonna-teenager of-1994
6)james hunter-a truer heart-hold on-2016
7)cyndi lauper-funnel of love-detour-2016
8)camper van beethoven-heart-vampire can-1987
9)ryan adams-i wish you would-1989
10)john doe-sunlight-the westerner-2016
11)ashley shadow-tired-ashley shadow-2016
12)replacements-when it began-all shook-1990
13)tom jones-honey honey-long lost suitcase-2015
14)eric lindell-couldn’t leave-matters of the-2016
15)fear of men-island-fall forever-2016

3rd hour
1)willie nelson-i got rhythm-summertime-2016
2)charlie faye-it’s all happening-charlie faye-2016
3)thompson & jones-wondering-little windows-2016
4)lake street dive-side pony-side pony-2016
5)jellyfish-he’s my best friend-spilt milk-1993
6)charles bradley-things we do for-changes-2016
7)kacey musgraves-family is family-pageant-2015
8)tom waits-new coat of-the heart of saturday-1974
9)last shadow pups-dracula teeth-e’thing you’ve-2016
10)moreland & arbuckle-why’d she-promised-2016
11)cheap trick-when i wake-bang zoom crazy-2016
12)tanya donelly-making light-swan song series-2016
13)the kinks-david watts-something else-1967