The Critic’s Choice – May 1st, 2016

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)the replacements-androgynous-let it be-1984
2)whitehorse-big boss man-northern soul-2016
3)ray lamontagne-another day-ouroboros-2016
4)victoria reed-featherweight-chariot-2016
5)prince-strollin-diamonds & pearls-1991
6)andrew bird-bellevue-are you serious-2016
7)elvis presley-playing for keeps-1956
8)big little lions-unglued-just keep moving-2016
9)peter wolf-fun for awhile-a cure for-2016
10)sturgill simpson-breakers roar-sailors guide-2016
11)elton john-i need you to turn-elton john-1970
12)brandi carlile-touching the ground-give up-2009
13)march divide-this argument-saturdays-2016
14)eric lindell-the sun-matters of the heart-2016
15)beau-leave me be-that thing reality-2016

2nd hour
1)rogue wave-falling-delusions of grand fur-2016
2)the supremes-in & out of love-1967
3)jayhawks-lovers of the sun-paging mr proust-2016
4)charlie faye-sweet little messages-& fayettes-2016
5)miles davis-venus de milo-birth of the cool-1957
6)dcfc-summer skin-plans-2005
7)blondie-sunday girl-parallel lines-1978
8)yarn-carolina heart-this is the year-2016
9)pete yorn-walking up-arrangingtime-2016
10)graham nash-another broken heart-this path-2016
11)beam & hoop-sailor to siren-love letter-2016
12)the byrds-if you’re gone-turn turn turn-1965
13)quaker city night hawks-something-el astro-2016
14)islands-it’s heaven-taste-2016
15)honeycutters-on the ropes-on the ropes-2016
16)kyle craft-balmorhea-dolls of highland-2016

3rd hour
1)the cure-catch-kiss me kiss me kiss me-1987
2)thompson & jones-you can’t call-little windows-2016
3)ocms-sweet amarillo-remedy-2014
4)m peyroux-don’t wait too long-careless love-2004
5)gregory porter-don’t lose-take me to-2016
6)matthew sweet-do it again-altered beast-1993
7)mary c carpenter-map of my-the things that-2016
8)joe jackson-happy loving couples-look sharpe-1979
9)lily madeleine-small talk-keep it together-2016
10)violent femmes-big car-we can do anything-2016
11)bnl-shoe box-born on a pirate ship-1996
12)lake st dive-bad self portraits-bsp-2014
13)future elevators-machine maker-self-2016
14)band of horses-our swords-everything all-2006