The Critic’s Choice – May 8th, 2016

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)darrel scott-loretta-couchville sessions-2016

2)lou reed-ny tele conversation-transformer-1972

3)eli reed-what have we done-my way home-2016

4)shelby lynne-leavin-i am shelby lynne-1999

5)drivin n cryin-you mean-scarred but smart-1986

6)sean watkins-where you were-what to fear-2016

7)bnl-blame it on me-gordon-1992

8)mo kenney-i faked it-in my dreams-2016

9)oasis-guess god thinks i’m-don’t believe-2005

10)willie nelson-but not for me-summertime-2016

11)charlie faye-heart-& the fayettes-2016

12)the monkees-i can’t get her-headquarters-1967

13)bob dylan-soon after midnight-tempest-2012

14)primal scream-private wars-chaosmosis-2016

15)pity sex-dandelion-white hot moon-2016

2nd hour

1)ben harper-dance like fire-call it what it is-2016

2)dusty springfield-in the land-in memphis-1969

3)ocms-country gal-carry me back-2012

4)sarah vaughan-all of me-1957

5)james hunter six-light of my life-hold on-2016

6)band of horses-on my way back-infinite arms-2010

7)mose allison-i’ve got a right-ramblin with-1958

8)bonnie bishop-looking for you-ain’t who i-2016

9)big star-watch the sunrise-#1 record-1972

10)john doe-sunlight-the westerner-2016

11)brandi carlile-save part of your-bear creek-2012

12)small faces-what’s a matter baby-1965

13)wilco-kamera-yankee hotel foxtrot-2002

14)strfkr-never ever-never ever-2016

15)santigold-before the fire-99 cents-2016

3rd hour

1)the pogues-the ghost of a smile-hell’s ditch-1990

2)big little lions-fills me up-just keep moving-2016

3)the jayhawks-quiet corners-paging mr proust-2016

4)janis joplin-a woman left lonely-pearl-1971

5)through the sparks-the roseroom-transindiff-2016

6)ween-sweetheart in the summer-la cucaracha-2007

7)loretta lynn-who’s gonna miss me-full circle-2016

8)guided by voices-wrecking now-do the collapse-1999

9)mavis staples-don’t cry-livin on a high note-2016

10)baseball project-satchel paige said-vol I-2008

11)the monkees-she makes me laugh-good times-2016

12)beach boys-girl don’t tell me-summer days-1965

13)quaker city-beat the machine-el astronauta-2016

14)echo & bunnymen-pictures on my-crocodiles-1980