The Critic’s Choice – May 15th, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)the so so glos-sunnyside-kamikaze-2016
2)george jones-where does a-i get lonely-1964
3)greg a isakov-unwritable girle-with col sym-2016
4)small faces-just passing-1967
5)gregory porter-con of love-take me to-2016
6)jayhawks-pouring rain-mockingbird time-2011
7)tanya donelly-worry doll-swan song series-2016
8)buddy holly-look at me-buddy holly-1958
9)john long-one earth-stand your ground-2016
10)lake street dive-mistakes-side pony-2016
11)paul simon-tenderness-there goes rhymin-1973
12)hayes carll-drive-lovers & leavers-2016
13)iggy pop-brick by brick-brick by brick-1990
14)eric lindell-you looks so-matters of-2016
15)calliope musicals-letters-time owes you-2016

2nd hour
1)eli reed-i’d rather be-my way home-2016
2)billie holiday-st louis blues-1941
3)ray lamontagne-this love is-god willin-2010
4)big little lions-sounds like-just keep moving-2016
5)neil young-here we are in the-neil young-1969
6)lyle lovett-baby it’s cold-release me-2012
7)march divide-this infatuation-saturdays-2016
8)ike & tina turner-workin together-workin to-1971
10)foy vance-upbeat feelgood-the wild swan-2016
11)sinatra/jobim-how insensitive-fas/acj-1967
12)charlie faye-coming round-& the fayettes-2016
13)tmbg-i’ve got a match-lincoln-1988
15)kaytranada-bus ride-99.9%-2016

3rd hour
1)robert ellis-drivin-robert ellis-2016
2)the kinks-drivin-arthur-1969
3)peter wolf-love stinks-a cure for-2016
4)victoria reed-spare heart-chariot-2016
5)the beat-can’t get used to-i just can’t stop-1980
6)kol-trunk-because of the times-2007
7)ashley shadow-tired-ashley shadow-2016
8)van morrison-give me a kiss-his band-1970
9)the young step-nature man-el classico-2016
10)pete yorn-halifax-arrangingtime-2016
11)the monkees-she makes me-good times-2016
13)mad ward & mama-daisy jane-skeleton-2015
14)the who-it’s not true-my generation-1965