The Critic’s Choice – May 29th, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)josh ritter-you don’t make it-hello starling-2003
2)cyndi lauper-misty blue-detour-2016
3)william bell-all the things-this is where i-2016
4)big thief-velvet ring-masterpiece-2016
5)jeff buckley-the boy with the thorn-you & i-2016
6)thompson & jones-better at lying-little win-2016
7)harry nilsson-the lottery song-son of schmi-1972
8)pretenders-love’s a mystery-break up the-2008
9)gregory isakov-dandelion wine-& col sym-2016
10)brett dennen-burning spirit-por favor-2016
11)billie holiday-the very thought of you-1938
12)james hunter six-s’thing’s calling-hold on-2016
13)waylon jennings-the chokin kind-hangin on-1967
14)nico yaryan-nobody tells my-what a tease-2016
15)beam & hoop-kiss me-love letter for fire-2016
16)black pistol fire-blue blazes-don’t wake-2016

2nd hour
1)paul mccartney-somebody who-tug of war-1982
2)rene marie-stronger than you-sound of red-2016
3)monkees-you bring the summer-good times-2016
4)tami neilson-walk-dynamite-2015
5)joey ramone-party line-ya know-2012
6)chris isaak-heart full of soul-chris isaak-1987
7)ben harper-bones-call it what it is-2016
8)margo price-how the mighty-midwest farm-2016
9)the ventures-perfidia-the ventures-1961
10)mudcrutch-save your water-mudcrutch 2-2016
11)charlie faye-heart- & the fayettes-2016
12)the jam-the butterfly collector-1979
13)the jayhawks-i’ll be your key-paging mr-2016
14)ciaran lavery-blood red fist-let bad in-2016
15)star & micey-grace-get em next time-2016
16)islands-it’s heaven-taste-2016

3rd hour
1)colvin & earle-ruby tuesday-colvin & earle-2016
2)rolling stones-take it or leave it-aftermath-1966
3)brandi carlile-the stranger-the firewatcher’s-2016
4)pavement-we dance-wowee zowee-1995
5)leyla mccalla-far from-a day for the hunter-2016
6)foy vance-casanova-the wild swan-2016
7)muddy waters-walkin thru the park-1959
8)esme patterson-come see me-we were wild-2016
9)elvis costello-you’ll never be a man-trust-1981
10)rooney-come on baby-washed away-2016
11)lake st dive-saving all my sinning-side pony-2016
12)beach boys-darlin’-wild honey-1967
13)beth orton-1973-kidsticks-2016
14)twin peaks-holding roses-down in heaven-2016