The Critic’s Choice – June 5th, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)beach boys-with me tonight-smiley smile-1967
2)sara watkins-tenderhearted-young in all-2016
3)monkees-me & magdalena-good times-2016
4)big little lions-unglued-just keep moving-2016
5)willie nelson-time of the preacher-red head-1975
6)andrew bird-chemical switches-are you-2016
7)tom petty-square one-highway companion-2006
8)esme patterson-wantin ain’t-we were wild-2016
9)jimmy cliff-many rivers to cross-the harder-1972
10)nathaniel rateliff-shake-& the night sweats-2015
11)elvis costello-how much i’ve-almost blue-1981
12)lake st dive-how good it feels-side pony-2016
13)13th floor elevators-i had to-easter every-1967
14)jonah smith-we tried like hell-easy prey-2016
15)victoria reed-chariot-chariot-2016
16)lee dewyze-again-oil & water-2016

2nd hour
1)sean watkins-last time for-what to fear-2016
2)etta james-i’d rather go blind-1967
3)ben folds-gracie-songs for silverman-2005
4)mo kenney-pretty things-in my dreams-2016
5)waylon jennings-just to satisfy you-j.t.s.y-1969
6)brett dennen-bonfire-por favor-2016
7)mavis staples-love & trust-livin on a high-2016
8)steve miller-babes in the wood-book of-1977
9)guided by voices-window of-half smiles-2004
10)paul simon-street angel-staranger to stranger-2016
11)tegan & sara-hang on to-love you to death-2016
12)robyn hitchcock-bells of rhymney-fegamania-1985
13)meat puppets-waiting-rat farm-2013
14)nico yaryan-dreamers-what a tease-2016
15)jessy lanza-new ogi-oh no-2016
16)quaker city-something to burn-el astronauta-2016

3rd hour
1)colvin & earle-you were on my-colvin & earle-2016
2)ian & sylvia-travelling drummer-early morning-2016
3)william bell-the three of me-this is where I live-2016
4)cyndi lauper-heartaches by the number-detour-2016
5)joe jackson-we the cats-jumpin’ jive-1981
6)foy vance-noam chomsky-the wild swan-2016
7)empty houses-all i had-daydream-2016
8)the beatles-love you to-revolver-1966
9)luke bell-glory & the grace-luke bell-2016
10)the bokeys-the longer you wait-heartaches-2016
11)the lumineers-cleopatra-cleopatra-2016
12)mary c carpenter-map of my heart-the things-2016
13)the jam-life from a window-this is the modern-1977
14)rooney-i miss you when you’re-washed away-2016