The Critic’s Choice – June 12th, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)billy joel-where’s the orch-nylon curtain-1982

2)sarah jarosz-take me back-undercurrent-2016

3)greg humphreys-sayin what you-lucky guy-2016

4)tegan & sara-100x-love you to death-2016

5)roky erickson-for you-all that may do my-1995

6)elvis costello-boy with a prob-imperial bed-1982

7)tanya donelly-written unread-swan song-2016

8)willie nelson-local memory-shotgun willie-1973

9)eli reed-what have we-my way home-2016

10)lake street dive-so long-side pony-2016

11)band of horses-marry song-cease to begin-2008

12)yo la tengo-automatic doom-stuff like that-2015

13)tommy james-i like the way-i think we’re-1967

14)fruit bats-it must be easy-absolute loser-2016

15)rene marie-col. river song-sound of red-2016

16)elvis depressedly-thinning out-holo-2013

2nd hour

1)neil diamond-i got the feelin-the feel of-1966

2)esme patterson-no river-we were wild-2016

3)ray lamontagne-wouldn’t it make-ouroboros-2016

4)leyla mccalla-a day for the hunter-a day for-2016

5)randy newman-mr. president-good old boys-1974

6)violent femmes-holy ghost-we can do any-2016

7)empty houses-mercy-daydream-2016

8)los lobos-our last night-how will the wolf-1984

9)bokeys-i hope you find-heartaches by the-2016

10)n rateliff-thank you-& the night sweats-2015

11)sara watkins-the truth won’t-young in all-2016

12)the jacksons-style of life-the jacksons-1976

13)max jury-ella’s moonshine-max jury-2016

14)marco benevento-walking-the story of-2016

15)beau-leave me be-that thing reality-2016

16)nico yaryan-the magic-what a tease-2016

3rd hour

1)the monkees-love to love-good times-2016

2)margaret glaspy-you don’t want-emotions-2016

3)paul simon-in a parade-stranger to stranger-2016

4)ladyhawke-chills-wild things-2016

5)waylon jennings-this time-this time-1974

6)mudcrutch-save your water-mudcrutch 2-2016

7)concrete blonde-long time ago-walking in-1992

8)john doe-get on board-the westerner-2016

9)lake st dive-rabid animal-bad self portraits-2014

10)xtc-earn enough for us-skylarking-1986

11)colvin & earle-raise the dead-c & e-2016

12)lou reed-crazy feeling-coney island baby-1976

13)hannah gill-change in blue-the water ep-2016

14)new york dolls-trash-cause i sez so-2009