Critic’s Choice – June 26th, 2016

Critic's Choice the bridge

1st hour

1)the cure-subway song-3 imaginary boys-1979

2)the broadcast-from the horizon-from the-2016

3)radiohead-glass eye-a moon shaped pool-2016

4)sarah jarosz-green lights-undercurrent-2016

5)the wailers-400 years-catch a fire-1973

6)ultan conlon-the lumberjack-songs of love-2016

7)the doors-end of the night-the doors-1967

8)mollie o’brien-i don’t wanna-daughters-2016

9)vintage trouble-soul serenity-1 hopeful rd-2016

10)thompson & jones-don’t remind me-little-2016

11)dolly parton-living on memories-jolene-1974

12)material issue-next big thing-destination-1992

13)frankie lee-american dreamer-amer dream-2016

14)kris orlowski-indian summer-songs of-2016

15)victoria reed-chariot-chariot-2016

16)levi parham-ain’t the man-these american-2016

2nd hour

1)band of horses-part one-everything all the-2006

2)mary c carpenter-what does it-the things-2016

3)allen toussaint-viper’s drag-american tunes-2016

4)case/lang/veirs-atomic number-c/l/v-2016

5)the monkees-a little bit me a little bit you-1967

6)colvin & earle-ruby tuesday-colvin & earle-2016

7)rolling stones-send it to me-emotional rescue-1980

8)rene marie-stronger than you-sound of red-2016

9)grant l phillips-smoke & sparks-the narrows-2016

10)peter wolf-peace of mind-a cure for-2016

11)ween-joppa road-chocolate & cheese-1994

12)margaret glaspy-black is blue-emotions-2016

13)gram parsons-cry one more time-gp-1973

3rd hour

1)paul simon-street angel-stranger to stranger-2016

2)sara watkins-one last time-young in all the-2016

3)avett brothers-victims of life-pure sadness-2016

4)esme patterson-we were wild-we were wild-2016

5)john denver-prisoners-rocky mountain high-1972

6)rhcp-feasting on the flowers-the getaway-2016

7)the replacements-waitress in the sky-tim-1985

8)beau-animal kingdom-that thing reality-2016

9)wilco-someday soon-being there-1996

10)pete yorn-tomorrow-arrangingtime-2016

11)fitz & the tantrums-do what you want-self-2016

12)love-you i’ll be following-love-1966

13)the interrupters-the valley-say it out loud-2016

14)tom waits-down down down-swordfishtrombones-1983