Critic’s Choice – July 3rd, 2016

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)the stanley brothers-angel band-1955
2)tegan & sara-100x-love you to death-2016
3)the shelters-nothin in the world-shelters-2016
4)case lang veirs-behind the armory-c/l/v-2016
5)the kinks-no return-something else-1967
6)john doe-sweet reward-the westerner-2016
7)harry nilsson-dayton ohio-sings newman-1970
8)o’brien & moore-the beehive-daughters-2016
9)allen toussaint-waltz for debby-amer tunes-2016
10)look park-minor is the lonely-look park-2016
11)adele-that’s it i quit-at the hotel cafe-2008
12)marley’s ghost-run on-woodstock sessions-2016
13)the wailers-duppy conqueror-burnin’-1973
14)ultan conlon-dance to paper-songs of love-2016
15)hannah gill-against the wall-the water-2016
16)soren juul-pushing me away-this moment-2016

2nd hour
1)tom jones-green green grass of home-gggoh-1967
2)meiko-perfect fit-moving day-2016
3)peter bjorn john-between-breakin point-2016
4)sarah jarosz-still life-undercurrent-2016
5)elvis presley-trying to get to you-elvis presley-1956
6)eli reed-i’d rather be alone-my way home-2016
7)dolly parton-my blue tears-coat of many colors-1971
8)future elevators-just another day-fut elevators-2016
9)go betweens-streets of your town-16 lovers-1988
10)lukas graham-don’t you worry-lukas graham-2016
11)the monkees-take a giant step-the monkees-1966
12)empty houses-mercy-daydream-2016
13)willie nelson-they all laughed-summertime-2016
14)blitzen trapper-summer rain-songs of sum-2016
15)maszer-passers by-dreamsz-2016
16)jeff turmes-if i have to-wreckage-2016

3rd hour
1)rem-little america-reckoning-1984
2)the broadcast-on the edge-from the horizon-2016
4)mavis staples-don’t cry-livin on a high note-2016
5)chris storrow-one more drink-the ocean’s-2016
6)ocms-james river blues-big iron world-2006
7)ladyhawke-hillside ave-wild things-2016
8)tony bennett-sing you sinners-1955
9)leyla mccalla-far from your web-a day for-2016
11)avett bros-you are mine-true sadness-2016
12)liz phair-may queen-whip smart-1994
13)the james hunter six-hold on-hold on-2016
14)jimi hendrix exp-51st anniversary-1967