Critic’s Choice: July 10th, 2016

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)randy newman-bet no one ever-randy newman-1968
2)bat for lashes-i do-the bride-2016
3)the monkees-me & magdalena-good times-2016
4)meiko-i do-moving day-2016
5)leonard cohen-i left a woman-death of a ladies-1977
6)the jayhawks-i’ll be your key-paging mr proust-2016
7)o’brien & moore-restless-daughters-2016
8)buffalo springfield-pretty girl-last time around-1968
9)jeremy & harlequins-there’s a girl-into the night-2016
10)william bell-all the things-this is where i live-2016
11)dolly parton-the man-heartbreaker-1978
12)yo la tengo-before we stopped-stuff like that-2015
13)the smiths-i won’t share-strangeways here we-1987
14)fruit bats-it must be easy-absolute loser-2016
15)kt mulholland-hello-kt mulholland-2016
16)frankie lee-know by now-american dreamer-2016

2nd hour
1)fitzgerald & armstrong-who walks in-1955
2)thompson & jones-never knew you-little wind-2016
3)paul kelly-sonnet 138-seven sonnets & a song-2016
4)concrete blonde-darkening of the-bloodletting-1990
5)bo keys-i hope you find what-heartaches by the-2016
6)radiohead-desert island disk-a moon shaped-2016
7)richie havens-i can’t make it-mixed bag-1967
8)case lang veirs-honey & smoke-c/l/v-2016
9)the smithereens-blue period-11-1989
10)look park-breezy-look park-2016
11)bettye swann-don’t touch me-the soul view-1969
13)colvin & earle-you were on-colvin & earle-2016
14)ages & ages-they want more-something to-2016
15)puro instinct-what you see-autodrama-2016
16)luke bulla-the partner-who loves you better-2016

3rd hour
1)buddy guy-ten years ago-1961
2)charlie faye-loving names-& the fayettes-2016
3)peter bjorn john-do si do-breakin point-2016
4)nellie mckay-ding dong-get away from me-2004
5)rem-we walk-murmur-1983
6)rhcp-the longest wave-the getaway-2016
7)paul simon-all around the world-graceland-1986
8)kelly cheats-please don’t go-keep on smiling-2016
9)foy vance-noam chomsky-the wild swan-2016
10)paul westerberg-dyslexic heart-singles-1992
11)fitz & tantrums-fadeback-fitz & the tantrums-2016
12)blondie-in the flesh-blondie-1976
13)junior brown-party lights-guit with it-1993
14)rooney-come on baby-washed away-2016