Critic’s Choice: July 25th, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)bob dylan-talkin’ new york-bob dylan-1962
2)joan baez-blackbird-75th birthday-2016
3)need to breathe-no excuses-hard love-2016
4)imelda may-bury my troubles-mayhem-2010
5)randy newman-lonely at the top-sail-1972
6)ocms-trails & troubles-ocms-2004
7)allen toussaint-confessin’-amer. tunes-2016
8)lori mckenna-wreck you-the bird-2016
9)billy bragg-wishing the days-talking with-1986
10)case lang veirs-song for judee-c/l/v-2016
11)shelters-nothin in the world-shelters-2016
12)mothers of invention-go cry-freak out-1966
13)way down wanderers-hollow man-self-2016
14)ultan conlon-the lumberjack-songs of-2016
15)vika bull-my true love-seven sonnets-2016
16)adam topol-reno-regardless of the-2016

2nd hour
1)the kinks-alcohol-muswell hillbillies-1971
2)heart-one word-beautiful broken-2016
3)peter bjorn john-between-breakin-2016
4)lucy woodward-the world we-til they-2016
5)ray charles-where can i go-ingredients-1963
6)the monkees-you bring-good times-2016
7)cody jinks-the way i am-i’m not the-2016
8)concrete blonde-happy birthday-free-1989
9)jeremy & harlequins-critical-into the-2016
10)dolly parton-it’s sure gonna hurt-1962
11)ryan shupe-hey girl-we rode on-2016
12)juan gabriel-have you ever-quiero ccr-2016
14)chris storrow-one more drink-the ocean-2016
15)obrien & moore-the beehive-daughters-2016

3rd hour
1)bob marley-she’s gone-kaya-1978
2)charlie faye-coming round-& the fayettes-2016
3)chip taylor-live to strike again-i’ll carry for-2016
4)nina simone-see line woman-broadway-1964
5)thompson & jones-wondering-little-2016
6)paul simon-in a parade-stranger to stranger-2016
7)s jones dap kings-now i see-give the people-2014
8)greg humphreys-all because of-lucky guy-2016
9)rolling stones-now i’ve got a witness-self-1964
10)fitz & tantrums-do what you want-self-2016
11)band of horses-a little biblical-mirage rock-2012
12)sara watkins-one last time-young in all-2016
13)rhcp-feasting on the flowers-the getaway-2016
14)fleetwood mac-rollin man-mr.wonderful-1968