Critic’s Choice: July 31st, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

1st hour
1)husker du-too far down-candy apple grey-1986
2)sarah jarosz-take me back-undercurrent-2016
3)paul kelly-sonnet 73-seven sonnets & a song-2016
4)joan baez-she never could-75th birthday-2016
5)uncle tupelo-shaky ground-march 16-20-1992
6)radiohead-glass eye-a moon shaped pool-2016
7)squirrel nut zippers-anything-the inevitable-1995
8)look park-minor is the only key-look park-2016
9)geils-you’re the only one-monkey island-1977
10)dolly parton-just because-just because i’m -1968
11)anthony d’amato-a kick in the -cold snap-2016
12)replacements-rock n roll ghost-don’t tell-1989
13)willie nelson-love is here-summertime-2016
14)nico yaryan-nobody tells-what a tease-2016
15)kelly cheats-apocalyptic love-keep on-2016
16)kris orlowski-indian summer-songs of -2016

2nd hour
1)nick drake-day is done-five leaves left-1969
2)case lang veirs-down-case lang veirs-2016
3)band of horses-for annabelle-infinite arms-2010
4)joni mitchell-blonde in the-for the roses-1972
5)foy vance-upbeat feelgood-the wild swan-2016
6)ryan adams-my winding wheel-heartbreaker-2000
7)meiko-perfect fit-moving day-2016
8)rolling stones-i am waiting-aftermath-1966
9)parsonsfield-mental remedy-blooming-2016
10)monkees-she makes me laugh-good times-2016
11)loud forest-there you are-loud forest-2016
12)paul mccartney-every night-mccartney-1970
13)max jury-ella’s moonshine-max jury-2016
14)blitzen trapper-summer rain-songs of-2016
15)kitty daisy lewis-it ain’t your-the third-2015

3rd hour
1)frank sinatra-too close-come dance with me-1958
2)esme patterson-come see me-we were wild-2016
3)peter bjorn john-do si do-breakin point-2016
4)norah jones-the sun doesn’t-not too late-2007
5)jefferson airplane-turn my life-volunteers-1969
6)fountains of wayne-you curse ar girls-self-1996
7)ryan shupe-this love-we rode on-2016
8)margaret glaspy-you don’t want-emotions-2016
9)van morrison-goodbye baby-blowin your mind-1967
10)jeremy & harlequins-drinkin-into the night-2016
11)need to breathe-when i sing-hard love-2016
12)drivin n cryin-another scarlett-scarred not-1986
13)empty houses-all i had-daydream-2016
14)nick lowe-so it goes-1976