Critic’s Choice: August 7th, 2016

Critic's Choice the bridge

1st hour
1)john lennon-oh my love-imagine-1971
2)lydia loveless-clumps-real-2016
3)devil makes 3-i gotta get drunk-ruin-2016
4)lisa hannigan-fall-at swim-2016
5)uncle tupelo-if that’s alright-still feel gone-1991
6)need to breathe-no excuses-hard love-2016
7)wilson pickett-i’m sorry-the sound of wp-1967
8)case lang veirs-why do we-case lang veirs-2016
9)mike watt-wheel bound man-hyphenated-2011
10)violent femmes-untrue love-we can do-2016
11)the cure-the caterpillar-the top-1984
12)kelsey waldon-there must be-i’ve got a-2016
13)traveling wilburys-7 deadly sins-3-1990
14)jeff turmes-live this down-wreckage-2016
15)o’brien & moore-restless-daughters-2016
16)adam topol-hollow-regardless of the dark-2016

2nd hour
1)the wailers-reaction-soul rebels-1970
2)thompson & jones-as you were-little wind-2016
3)ages & ages-my cold reflect-s’thing to ruin-2016
4)dolly parton-the bargain store-the bargain-1975
5)gregory isakov-amsterdam-& col. symph.-2016
6)paul simon-street angel-stranger to stranger-2016
7)aretha franklin-river’s invitation-soul ’69-1969
8)the james hunter six-a truer heart-hold on-2016
9)cake-comanche-motorcade of generosity-1994
10)joe walsh-indian summer-but seriously-1978
11)cyndi lauper-funnel of love-detour-2016
12)pete yorn-walking up-arrangingtime-2016
13)squeeze-is that love-east side story-1981
14)eric lindell-couldn’t leave-matters of the-2016
15)haley bonar-hometown-impossible dream-2016
16)levi parham-don’t care-these amer. blues-2016

3rd hour
1)buddy holly-listen to me-buddy holly-1958
2)charlie faye-it’s all happening-& fayettes-2016
3)squirrel nut zippers-do what-bedlam-2000
4)loud forest-under your spell-loud forest-2016
5)steve earle-guitar town-guitar town-1986
6)rhcp-the longest wave-the getaway-2016
7)jones & parton-creepin in-feels like home-2004
8)the beatles-got to get you into-revolver-1966
9)matt brown-fixed on you-walk into the-2016
10)cracker-how can i live-the golden age-1996
11)band of horses-weed party-everything-2006
12)field mouse-over & out-episodic-2016
13)stray cats-my one desire-stray cats-1981
14)stray birds-sunday morning-magic fire-2016