Critic’s Choice: August 21st, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)big star-nightime-third-1975
2)meiko-we all fall down-moving day-2016
3)scots-slowly losing-the electric pinecones-2016
4)chely wright-tomorrow is-i am the rain-2016
5)bob dylan-one more cup of coffee-desire-1976
6)wilco-where do i begin-star wars-2015
7)billie holiday-i get along-lady in satin-1958
8)james hunter six-something’s calling-hold on-2016
9)csn-you don’t have to cry-crosby stills nash-1969
10)violent femmes-sweet misery-hallowed ground-1984
11)obrien & moore-i don’t wanna-daughters-2016
12)herp alpert-and the angels sing-going places-1965
13)riley etheridge jr-save me-secrets hope-2016
14)blind pilot-joik #3-and then like lions-2016
15)hannah gill-against the wall-the water-2016
16)need to breathe-no excuses-hard love-2016

2nd hour
1)housemartins-people get ready-1986
2)kelsey waldon-let’s pretend-i’ve got a way-2016
3)band of horses-older-infinite arms-2010
4)mavis staples-action-livin on a high note-2016
5)rolling stones-sittin on a fence-flowers-1967
6)devil makes three-i’m gonna get high-ruin-2016
7)the breeders-fortunately gone-pod-1990
9)elvis presley-my wish came true-1958
10)look park-you can come round-look park-2016
11)danielle howle-rhythm of you-pot of water-2016
12)al green-you ought to be with me-call me-1973
13)kiefer sutherland-gonna die-down in a hole-2016
14)parsonsfield-mental remedy-blooming through-2016
15)charlie faye-coming round-& the fayettes-2016
16)jeff turmes-if i have to-wreckage-2016

3rd hour
1)nickel creek-somebody more-why should the fire-2005
2)ruby the rabbitfoot-faucet love-divorce party-2016
3)squirrel nut zippers-lover’s lane-the inevitable-1995
4)liz longley-say anything you want-weightless-2016
5)the monkees-love to love-good times-2016
6)chris staples-dog blowing a clarinet-golden age-2016
7)dolly parton-don’t drop out-1966
8)kula shaker-high noon-k 2.0-2016
9)little richard-oh why-here’s little richard-1957
10)elijah ford-black & red-as you were-2016
11)violent femmes-breakin hearts-the blind leading-1986
12)thompson & jones-make a wish-little windows-2016
13)dave edmunds-queen of hearts-repeat when nec-1979
14)ray paul-in my world-whimsicality-2016