Critic’s Choice: August 28th, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

1st hour
1)johnny cash-i’d rather die young-the fabulous j.c.-1958
2)elise davis-i go to the bars & get drunk-the token-2016
3)of montreal-ambassador bridge-innocence-2016
4)ruby the rabbitfoot-sing to me-new as dew-2014
5)paul mccartney-heart of the country-ram-1971
6)the wailers-stop that train-catch a fire-1972
7)norah jones-carry on-day breaks-2016
8)the everly brothers-ebony eyes-1961
9)foy vance-coco-the wild swan-2016
10)violent femmes-outside the palace-3-1989
11)esme patterson-wantin ain’t gettin-we were wild-2016
12)fairport convention-the plainsman-rosie-1973
13)matt brown-build something-walk into the light-2016
14)elijah ford-daggers-as you were-2016
15)kelly cheats-apocalyptic love song-keep on-2016
16)adam topol-reno-regardless of the dark-2016

2nd hour
1)kula shaker-33 crows-k 2.0-2016
2)dolly parton-the golden  streets of glory-1970
3)scots-rice & beans-the electric pinecones-2016
4)shirley & lee-bewildered-1958
5)chris staples-golden age-golden age-2016
6)bob dylan-too much of nothing-basement tapes-1975
7)case lang veirs-atomic number-c/l/v-2016
8)midnight oil-sell my soul-diesel & dust-1987
9)hoops-yeah-hoops ep-2016
10)violent femmes-all i want-freak magnet-2000
11)kelsey waldon-you can have it-i’ve got a way-2016
12)miles davis-godchild-birth of the cool-1957
13)jayhawks-lovers of the sun-paging mr proust-2016
14)nico yaryan-dreamers-what a tease-2016
15)haley bonar-hometown-impossible dream-2016
16)eric lindell-since june-matters of the heart-2016

3rd hour
1)squirrel nut zippers-bedbugs-bedlam ballroom-2000
2)sarah jarosz-comin undone-undercurrent-2016
3)violent femmes-nightmares-3-1989
4)yo la tengo-fri i’m in love-stuff like that there-2015
5)storm cellar-queen above-the curious assembly-2014
6)beck-turn away-morning phase-2014
7)joseph-planets-i’m alone no you’re not-2016
8)waylon jennings-pretend i never-lonesome onry-1973
9)dido-white flag-life for rent-2003
10)talkie-honest man-hablas-2016
11)dawes-when the tequila-we’re all gonna die-2016
12)liz longley-weightless-weightless-2016
13)wreckless eric-whole wide world-wreckless eric-1977
14)meat puppets-we’re here-meat puppets II-1984