Critic’s Choice: September 4th, 2016

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)belle & sebastian-piazza ny catcher-dear catastrophe-2003
2)amanda shires-slippin’-my piece of land-2016
3)rem-half a world away-out of time-1991
4)shovels & rope-missionary ridge-little seeds-2016
5)peter tosh-whatcha gonna do-legalize it-1976
6)look park-minor is the lonely key-look park-2016
7)trio-after the gold rush-trio II-1999
8)neil young-don’t let it bring-after the gold rush-1970
9)eli reed-what have we done-my way home-2016
10)case lang veirs-song for judee-case lang veirs-2016
11)the beatles-for no one-revolver-1966
12)paper bird-make you mine-paer bird-2016
13)blue mountain-wink-dog days-1995
14)seth walker-turn this thing around-gotta get back-2016
15)lisa hannigan-fall-at swim-2016
16)chris staples-relatively permanent-golden age-2016

2nd hour
1)little feat-i’ve been the one-little feat-1971
2)joseph-honest-i’m alone no you’re not-2016
3)young the giant-repeat-home of the strange-2016
4)terra lightfoot-nfb-every time my mind runs-2016
5)gordon lightfoot-approaching lavender-if you-1970
6)wilco-far far away-being there-1996
7)cotton mather-candy lilac-death of the cool-2016
8)brenda lee-break it to me gently-1961
9)russel morris-the big house-sharkmouth-2012
10)jeremy & harlequins-critical-into the night-2016
11)stray cats-lonely summer nights-gonna ball-1981
12)chrissi poland-shaky man-waking hour-2016
13)mink de ville-guardian angel-return to magenta-1978
14)cereus bright-claustrophobic-excuses-2016
15)ruby the rabbitfoot-faucet love-divorce party-2016
16)braeves-bitter sea-2016

3rd hour
1)paul simon-gumboots-graceland-1986
2)thompson & jones-you can’t call-little windows-2016
3)scots-baby i like you-the electric pinecones-2016
4)air traffic controller-what you do-black box-2016
5)the byrds-what’s happening-fifth dimension-1966
6)the monkees-our own world-good times-2016
7)ella fitzgerald-i’ve got my love-sings i berlin-1958
8)hoops-cool 2-hoops ep-2016
9)lone justice-after the flood-lone justice-1985
10)paper lions-take a look at my girl-full colour-2016
11)de la soul-pain-7 the anonymous nobody-2016
12)dolly parton-it must be you-jolene-1974
13)cool ghouls-days-animal races-2016