Critic’s Choice: September 11, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)townes van zandt-lungs-live at the old quarter-1973
2)madeleine peyroux-the highway kind-secular hymns-2016
3)the head & the heart-library magic-signs of light-2016
4)the pretenders-i go to sleep-pretenders II-1981
5)clipping-story-splendor & misery-2016
6)wilco-pieholden suite-summerteeth-1999
7)chrissi poland-lonely light-waking hour-2016
8)staple singers-praying time-this little light-1964
9)gerry beckley-don’t let the sun catch you-carousel-2016
10)john prine-storms never last-for better or worse-2016
11)the silos-margaret-cuba-1987
12)terra lightfoot-emerald eyes-every time my mind-2016
13)the animals-help me girl-eric is here-1967
14)allah las-famous phone figure-calico review-2016
15)charlie faye-heart-& the fayettes-2016
16)session americana-what are those-great shakes-2016

2nd hour
1)the clash-career opportunities-sandinista-1981
2)amanda shires-nursery rhyme-my piece of land-2016
3)scots-given to me-the electric pinecones-2016
4)dusty springfield-who gets your love-cameo-1973
5)chris staples-golden age-golden age-2016
6)need to breathe-money & fame-hard love-2016
7)dramarama-goin’ blind-1993
8)shovels & rope-mourning song-little seeds-2016
9)kiss-hard luck woman-rock & roll over-1976
10)teenage fanclub-hold on-here-2016
11)trio-the pain of loving you-trio-1987
12)matt brown-let it show-walk into the light-2016
13)beach boys-i’m waiting for the day-pet sounds-1966

3rd hour
1)faces-love lives here-a nod is as good as a wink-1971
2)tami neilson-bury my body-don’t be afraid-2016
3)violent femmes-prove my love-violent femmes-1982
4)flock of dimes-the joke-if you see me say yes-2016
5)golden smog-glad & sorry-down by the old-1995
6)the beatles-i’m only sleeping-revolver-1966
7)joseph-sos-i’m alone no you’re not-2016
8)jesse dayton-match made in heaven-the revealer-2016
10)cotton mather-child bride-death of the cool-2016
11)squirrel nut zippers-hell-hot-1997
12)margaret glaspy-no matter who-emotions & math-2016
13)prince buster-madness-i feel the spirit-1963
14)ryan adams & the cardinals-dear candy-III-2010