Critic’s Choice: September 18, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)bragg & henry-gentle on my mind-shine a light-2016
2)rachel yamagata-black sheep-tightrope walker-2016
3)dawes-picture of a man-we’re all gonna die-2016
4)meiko-i do-moving day-2016
5)glen campbell-sadly beautiful-meet glen campbell-2008
6)the replacements-the last-all shook down-1990
7)the monkees-me & magadalena-good times-2016
8)trio-my dear companion-trio-1987
9)chris staples-hepburn in summertime-golden age-2016
10)wilco-normal american kids-wilco schmilco-2016
11)harry nilsson-early in the morning-nilsson schmilsson-1971
12)ingrid michaelson-breakable-girls & boys-2006
13)natural child-nsa blues-okey dokey-2016
14)local natives-jellyfish-sunlit youth-2016
15)kelly cheats-apocalyptic love song-keep on smiling-2016

2nd hour
1)muddy waters-i love the life i live i live the life i love-1957
2)madeleine peyroux-if the sea was whiskey-secular hymns-2016
3)dwight yoakam-please please baby-swimmin pools-2016
4)chrissi poland-why lie-waking hour-2016
5)the beach boys-wild honey-wild honey-1967
6)elo-so fine-a new world record-1976
7)john prine-mental cruelty-for better or worse-2016
8)fountains of wayne-cemetery guns-sky full of holes-2011
9)hoops-yeah-hoops ep-2016
10)the head & the heart-i don’t mind-signs of light-2016
11)the smiths-frankly mr. shankly-the queen is dead-1986
12)joseph-whirlwind-i’m alone no you’re not-2016
13)mose allison-the seventh son-creek bank-1958
14)james mcmorrow-one thousand times-we move-2016

3rd hour
1)marvin gaye-what’s happening brother-what’s going on-1971
2)amanda shires-the way it dimmed-my piece of land-2016
3)violent femmes-foothills-we can do anything-2016
4)jenny lewis-trying my best to love you-acid tongue-2008
5)the clash-look here-sandinista-1981
6)paul simon-in a parade-stranger to stranger-2016
7)waylon jennings-the taker-the taker-1970
8)lolo-the devil’s gone to dinner-in loving memory-2016
9)the pogues-the sunnyside of the street-hell’s ditch-1990
10)scots-i ain’t gonna hang around-the electric pinecones-2016
11)teenage fanclub-the darkest part of the night-here-2016
12)aretha franklin-money won’t change you-lady soul-1968
13)brent cobb-diggin’ holes-shine on rainy day-2016
14)the white stripes-forever for her-get behind me satan-2005s