Critic’s Choice: September 25, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)willie nelson-make the world go away-for the good times-2016
2)madeleine peyroux-hello babe-secular hymns-2016
3)dwight yoakam-home for sale-swimmin pools movie stars-2016
4)lolo-not gonna let you walk away-in loving memory-2016
5)the beach boys-forever-sunflower-1970
6)billy bragg-greetings from the new brunette-talking with-1986
7)susan marshall-again-time & again-feel like going home-2016
8)kevn kinney-chico & maria-macdougal blues-1990
9)chris staples-relatively permanent-golden age-2016
10)dbt’s-when the sun don’t shine-american band-2016
11)marianne faithful-what have they done to the rain-self-1965
12)angelo moore-built for love-centuries of heat-2016
13)ray price-make the world go away-1963
14)drugdealer-were you saying something-the end of comedy-2016
15)charlie faye-carelessly-& the fayettes-2016
16)eric lindell-the sun & the sea-matters of the heart-2016

2nd hour
1)mike doughty-sad girl walking-the heart watches-2016
2)squirrel nut zippers-club limbo-the inevitable-1995
3)dawes-for no good reason-we’re all gonna die-2016
4)the shirelles-baby it’s you-baby it’s you-1962
5)bruce springsteen-tomorrow never knows-working on a dream-2009
6)peter bjorn & john-between the lines-breakin point-2016
7)the beatles-ask me why-please please me-1963
8)john prine-dim lights thick smoke-for better or worse-2016
9)violent femmes-forbidden-freak magnet-2000
10)nick cave-rings of saturn-skeleton tree-2016
11)rem-what if we give it away-life’s rich pageant-1986
12)kacy & clayton-springtime of the year-strange country-2016
13)the kinks-get back in line-lola vs powerman-1970
14)nico yaryan-the magic-what a tease-2016

3rd hour
1)the head & the heart-dreamer-signs of light-2016
2)dolly parton-a better place to live-coat of many colors-1971
3)wilco-we aren’t the world-wilco schmilco-2016
4)case lang veirs-delirium-case lang veirs-2016
5)the jam-monday-sound affects-1980
6)st paul & broken bones-flow with it-sea of noise-2016
7)heart-pilot-bebe le strange-1980
8)ramones-i wanna be your boyfriend-ramones-1976
9)esme patterson-we were wild-we were wild-2016
10)robert francis-where you came from-before nightfall-2009
11)todd snider-37206-eastside bulldog-2016
12)elvis costello-lovable-king of america-1986
13)tuns-back among friends-tuns-2016
14)lemonheads-the turnpike down-it’s a shame about ray-1992