Critic’s Choice: October 17th, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)jonny fritz-stone cold daddy o-sweet creep-2016
2)norah jones-and then there was you-day breaks-2016
3)dwight yoakam-sad sad music-swimmin pools movie stars-2016
4)lola-dandelion-in loving memory of when i gave-2016
5)otis redding-i love you more than words-dock of the bay-1968
6)csny-helpless-deja vu-1970
7)infinity crush-flightless-warmth equation-2016
8)the beach boys-keep an eye on summer-shut down vol 2-1964
9)blackberry smoke-ain’t gonna wait-like an arrow-2016
10)bob weir-cottonwood lullaby-blue mountain-2016
11)tanya donelly-between the bars-say yes-2016
12)elliott smith-angel in the snow-new moon-2007
13)lou barlow-division day-say yes-2016
14)devendra banhart-good time charlie-ape in pink marble-2016
15)kacy & clayton-the rio grande-strange country-2016
16)aaron lee tasjan-till the town goes dark-silver tears-2016

2nd hour
1)tom waits-diamonds on my windshield-the heart of sat night-1974
2)chrissi poland-why lie-waking hour-2016
3)passenger-anywhere-young as the morning-2016
4)madeleine peyroux-shout sister shout-secular hymns-2016
5)john prine-illegal smile-john prine-1971
6)mike doughty-making me lay down-the heart watches-2016
7)marvin gaye-night life-moods of marvin gaye-1966
8)lydia loveless-more than ever-real-2016
9)randy newman-you can’t fool the fat man-little criminals-1977
10)st paul & broken bones-brain matter-sea of noise-2016
11)trio-rosewood casket-trio-1987
12)teenage fanclub-hold on-here-2016
13)simon & garfunkel-you can tell the world-wed morning 3am-1964

3rd hour
1)willie nelson-invitation to the blues-for the good times-2016
2)heart-hijinx-dog & butterfly-1978
3)wilco-just say goodbye-wilco schmilco-2016
4)amanda shires-when you’re gone-my piece of land-2016
5)dr john-big chief-dr john’s gumbo-1971
6)the mavericks-fall apart-all night live-2016
7)bob marley-chant down babylon-confrontation-1983
8)case lang veirs-best kept secret-case lang veirs-2016
9)the band-soot out in chinatown-cahoots-1971
10)garden city movement-she’s so untouchable-2016
11)pixies-might as well be gone-head carrier-2016
12)richard thompson-i feel so good-rumor & sigh-1991
13)melissa etheridge-any other way-memphis rock n soul-2016
14)the posies-i may hate you sometimes-failure-1988