Critic’s Choice: November 6th, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)elvis presley & rpo-love letters-the wonder of you-2016
2)nina diaz-i’m not a fool-the beat is dead-2016
3)john paul white-make you cry-beluah-2016
4)fleetwood mac-the way i feel-mystery to me-1973
5)jack white-blunderbuss-blunderbuss-2012
6)matt pond pa-dirty looks-winter lives-2016
7)buddy holly-everyday-buddy holly-1958
8)pretenders-one more day-alone-2016
9)kevin devine-no one says you have to-instigator-2016
10)jim lauderdale-there is a horizon-this changes everything-2016
11)robyn hitchcock-raymond chandler evening-element of light-1986
12)lake street dive-so long-side pony-2016
13)bob dylan-black crow blues-another side of bob dylan-1964
14)waiting for henry-hangnail-town called patience-2016
15)tanya donelly-between the bars-say yes-2016
16)roo panes-corner of my eye-paperweights-2016

2nd hour
1)james brown-it’s magic-soul on top-1970
2)hope sandoval-isn’t it true-until the hunter-2016
3)dbt’s-when the sun don’t shine-american band-2016
4)joni mitchell-night in the city-song to a seagull-1968
5)alexis harte-seven lively sins-a perfect waste-2016
6)mavericks-o what a thrill-what a crying shame-1994
7)gene vincent-ain’t she sweet-bluejean bop-1956
8)dolly parton-dumb blonde-hello i’m dolly-1966
9)mike doughty-sad girl walking-the heart watches-2016
10)the head & the heart-i don’t mind-signs of light-2016
11)madeleine peyroux-if the sea was whiskey-secular hymns-2016
12)george jones-bone dry-i am what i am-1980
13)teenage fanclub-the darkest part of the night-here-2016
14)wressnig & prado-my love is-the soul connection-2016
15)yael naim-walk walk-older-2016
16)allen tate-cph-sleepwalker-2016

3rd hour
1)temptations-i heard it through the grapevine-cloud nine-1969
2)joseph-planets-i’m alone no you’re not-2016
3)wayne hancock-small bouquet of roses-slingin’ rhythm-2016
4)richard & linda thompson-i want to see the bright lights tonight-1974
5)pixies-might as well be gone-head carrier-2016
6)john mellencamp-again tonight-whenever we wanted-1991
7)tower of power-clever girl-tower of power-1973
8)becky warren-off my back-war surplus-2016
9)vince guaraldi-forgive me if i’m late-in person-1963
10)magic music-mole’s stumble-magic music-2016
11)kings of leon-wild-walls-2016
12)josh rouse-dressed up like nebraska-d.u.l.n.-1998
13)letters to cleo-can’t say-back to nebraska-2016
14)gang of four-i found that essence rare-entertainment-1979