Critic’s Choice: November 13th, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)leonard cohen-there is a war-new skin for the old ceremony-1974

2)infinity crush-flightless-warmth equation-2016

3)john paul white-i’ve been over this before-beulah-2016

4)elliott smith-easy way out-figure 8-2000

5)lou barlow-division day-say yes-2016

6)dawes-picture of a man-we’re all gonna die-2016

7)madeleine peyroux-tango till they’re sore-secular hymns-2016

8)tom waits-diamonds & gold-rain dogs-1985

9)john evans-sweet dreams-polyester-2016

10)green day-ordinary world-revolution radio-2016

11)dolly parton-she never met a man–coat of many colors-1971

12)passenger-young as the morning-young as the morning-2016

13)alexis harte-halfway-a perfect waste of time-2016

14)slaughter beach dog-politics of grooming-welcome-2016

15)jonatha brooke-i’ve got nothing-midnight hallelujah-2016

16)allah las-famous phone figure-calico review-2016

2nd hour

1)lyle lovett-i can’t love you anymore-the road to ensenada-1996

2)nina diaz-fall in love-the beat is dead-2016

3)matt pond pa-the glow-winter lives-2016

4)tami neilson-bury my body-don’t be afraid-2016

5)meat puppets-the wind & the rain-mirage-1987

6)st paul & broken bones-brain matter-sea of noise-2016

7)david bowie-sorrow-pin ups-1973

8)case lang veirs-down-case lang veirs-2016

9)lee fields & expressions-i’m coming home-special night-2016
10)willie nelson-don’t you ever-for the good times-2016
11)norah jones-sleeping wild-day breaks-2016

12)the kinks-set me free-1965

13)look park-breezy-look park-2016

14)si cranstoun-happy birthday-old school-2016

3rd hour

1)the monkees-look out-more of the monkees-1967

2)lolo-the devil’s gone to dinner-in loving memory-2016

3)wilco-we aren’t the world-wilco schmilco-2016

4)loud forest-under your spell-loud forest-2016

5)tony joe white-ten more miles to louisiana-1966

6)scots-i ain’t gonna hang around-the electric pinecones-2016

7)they might be giants-letterbox-flood-1990

8)melissa etheridge-wait a minute-memphis rock n soul-2016

9)ten years after-portable people-1968

10)hoops-cool 2 hoops ep-2016

11)elvis presley & rpo-i’ve got a thing-the wonder of you-2016

12)the knack-heartbeat-get the knack-1979

13)letters to cleo-good right here-back to nebraska-2016

14)teardrop explodes-brave boys keep their promises-kilimanjaro-1980