Critic’s Choice: November 27, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)goo goo dolls-two days in february-hold me up-1990
2)case lang veirs-behind the armory-case lang veirs-2016
3)saint motel-happy accidents-saintmotelevision-2016
4)the mavericks-something stupid-music for all occasions-1995
5)eric johnson-mrs. robinson-ej-2016
6)david gray-only the wine-foundling-2010
7)kacey musgraves-a willie nice christmas-a very kacey christmas-2016
8)the doors-blue sunday-morrison hotel-1970
9)kevin devine-no one says you have to-instigator-2016
10)sharon jones & dap kings-be easy-100 days 100 nights-2007
11)alexis harte-halway-a perfect waste of time-2016
12)pretenders-let’s get lost-alone-2016
13)paul simon-peace like a river-paul simon-1972
14)aaron lee tasjan-till the town goes dark-silver tears-2016
15)infinity crush-flightless-warmth equation-2016
16)local natives-ellie alice-sunlit youth-2016

2nd hour
1)bill withers-let it be-just as i am-1971
2)lolo-the courtyard-in loving memory of when I gave-2016
3)robert earl keen-feelin good again-live dinner reunion-2016
4)madeleine peyroux-shout sister shout-secular hymns-2016
5)sinatra 7 jobim-meditation-f.a. sinatra/a.c. jobim-1967
6)the monkees-you bring the summer-good times-2016
7)dolly parton-river of happiness-jolene-1971
8)matt pond pa-the glow-winter lives-2016
9)prince-gotta broken heart again-dirty mind-1980
10)elvis presley & rpo-let it be me-the wonder of you-2016
11)the shacks-this strange effect-the shacks ep-2016
12)cotton mather-candy lilac-death of the cool-2016
13)lloyd cole-ice cream girl-lloyd cole-1990
14)jonah tolchin-beauty in the ugliest-thousand mile night-2016
15)haley bonar-hometown-impossible dream-2016
16)mozes & firestorm-snowman-great pile of nothing-2016

3rd hour
1)mike doughty-there is a way out-the heart watches-2016
2)ella fitgerald-something’s gotta give-sings johnny mercer-1964
3)wilco-just say goodbye-wilco schmilco-2016
4)mavis staples-don’t cry-livin on a high note-2016
5)david bowie-sound & vision-low-1977
6)pixies-all the saints-head carrier-2016
7)lee fields & expressions-lover man-special night-2016
8)linda ronstadt-willing-heart like a wheel-1974
9)jesus & mary chain-good for my soul-honey’s dead-1992
10)scots-baby i like you-the electric pinecones-2016
11)jamestown revival-american dream-the education-2016
12)norah jones-it’s gonna be-the fall-2009
13)gap dream-rock & roll-this is gap dream-2016
14)led zeppelin-night flight-physical graffiti-1975