Critic’s Choice: December 11th, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)lou reed-xmas in february-new york-1989
2)kacey musgraves-have yourself a merry-a very kacey xmas-2016
3)matt pond pa-dirty looks-winter lives-2016
4)stone & gosling-city of stars-la la land-2016
5)the jacksons-dreamer-the jacksons-1976
6)dbt’s-when the sun don’t shine-american band-2016
7)s jones & dap kings-mama don’t like my man-i learned the hard way-2010
8)look park-minor is the lonely key-look park-2016
9)van morrison-warm love-hard nose the highway-1973
10)pretenders-one more day-alone-2016
11)kris kristofferson-help me make it through the night-kristofferson-1970
12)madeleine peyroux-hello babe-secular hymns-2016
13)the temptations-depend on me-sing smokey-1965
14)jeremy & harlequins-there’s a girl-into the night-2016
15)tommy emmanuel-christmas time-christmas memories-2016
16)waiting for henry-hangnail-town called patience-2016

2nd hour
1)thompson & jones-never knew you-little windows-2016
2)staple singers-do you know him-hammer & nails-1962
3)scots-given to me-the electric pinecones-2016
4)lolo-dandelion-in loving memory of when i gave-2016
5)the rolling stones-dandelion-1967
6)al green-oh pretty woman-i’m still in love with you-1972
7)amanda shires-nursery rhyme-my piece of land-2016
8)the beatles-i’ll get you-b side she loves you-1963
10)nelson & haggard-swinging doors-django & jimmie-2015
11)infinity crush-over you-warmth equation-2016
12)dinosaur jr-sideways-whatever’s cool with me-1991
13)mamas & papas-i saw her again-mamas & papas-1966
14)alexis harte-downgraded-a perfect waste of time-2016
15)claire conway-how to love-ocean’s edge-2016

3rd hour
1)gordon lightfoot-poor little allison-if you could read my mind-1970
2)norah jones-sleeping wild-day breaks-2016
3)kings of leon-wild-walls-2016
4)case lang veirs-delirium-case lang veirs-2016
5)the band-across the great divide-the band-1969
6)elvis presley & rpo-i’ve got a thing-the wonder of you-2016
7)jonny fritz-stadium inn-sweet creep-2016
8)lake street dive-side pony-side pony-2016
9)the kinks-see my friends-1965
10)eli paperboy reed-tomorrow’s not promised-my way home-2016
11)little richard-true fine mama-here’s little richard-1957
12)letters to cleo-can’t say-back to nebraska-2016
13)beastie boys-slow ride-licensed to ill-1986
14)rooney-i miss you when you’re gone-washed away-2016