Critic’s Choice: January 15, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)elvis costello-running out of angels-1978

2)sally & george-stowaway-tip my heart-2017

3)delbert mcclinton-like lovin used to be-prick of the litter-2017

4)lowland hum-winter games-thin-2017

5)johnny cash-i want to go home-songs of our soil-1959

6)the replacements-skyway-pleased to meet me-1987

7)the james hunter six-something’s calling-hold on-2016

8)norah jones-turn me on-come away with me-2002

9)the molochs-that’s the trouble with you-america’s velvet glory-2017

10)david bowie-andy warhol-hunky dory-1971

11)whitney rose-three minute affair-south texas suite-2017

12)the velvet underground-sunday morning-the vu & nico-1967

13)travis linville-finding my way-up ahead-2017

14)susto-diamond’s icaro-& i’m fine today-2017

15)kacy & clayton-the rio grande-strange country-2016

16)alexis harte-halfway-a perfect waste of time-2016

2nd hour

1)st paul & the broken bones-brain matter-sea of noise-2016

2)tift merritt-heartache is an uphill climb-stitch of the world-2017

3)rolling stones-blue & lonesome-blue & lonesome-2016

4)charlie faye-sweet little messages-& the fayettes-2016

5)elvis presley & the rpo-the wonder of you-the wonder of you-2016

6)wilco-just say goodbye-wilco schmilco-2016

7)nina simone-feeling good-i put a spell on you-1965

8)willie nelson-i got rhythm-summertime-2016

9)galaxie 500-victory garden-blue thunder ep-1989

10)neil young-can’t stop workin-peace trail-2016

11)chrissi poland-shaky man-waking hour-2016

12)american music club-can you help me-san francisco-1994

13)the traveling ones-you only have to break my heart-meet me there-2017

14)chris staples-golden age-golden age-2016

15)estee gabay-smile pretty-green-2012

3rd hour

1)ray charles-basin street blues-the genius hits the raod-1960

2)amanda shires-when you’re gone-my piece of land-2016

3)dave mason-can’t stop worrying-alone together-1970

4)joseph-planets-i’m alone no you’re not-2016

5)soul coughing-sugar free jazz-ruby vroom-1994

6)talking heads-seen and not seen-remain in light-1980

7)liz longley-weightless-weightless-2016

8)the doors-i looked at you-the doors-1967

9)frederick the younger-not that kind of girl-human child-2017

10)uncle tupelo-true to life-still feel gone-1991

11)mark eitzel-let me go-hey mr. ferryman-2017

12)go go’s-beneath the blue sky-talk show-1984

13)jonah tolchin-i wonder-thousand mile night-2016

14)fleetwood mac-she’s changing me-heroes are hard to find-1974