Critic’s Choice: February 5, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)elbow-head for supplies-little fictions-2017

2)norah jones-good morning-little broken hearts-2012

3)ryan adams-damn sam-heartbreaker-2000

4)the show ponies-sweetly-how it all goes down-2017

5)outkast-dyin’ to live-idlewild-2006

6)the kinks-holiday-muswell hillbillies-1971

7)rorey carroll-in the buildings-love is an outlaw-2017

8)golden smog-radio king-down by the old mainstream-1995

9)parekh & singh-ocean-ocean-2016

10)st paul & broken bones-it’s midnight-half the city-2014

11)sally & george-stowaway-tip my heart-2017

12)elvis costello-girls talke- b side i can’t stand up-1980

13)quinn sullivan-eyes for you-midnight highway-2017

14)otis taylor-d to e blues-fantasizing about being black-2017

15)demeyer & kimbrough-little easy-mockingbird soul-2017

16)dallas baker-seattle-albemarle blues-2016

2nd hour

1)chuck prophet-rider on the train-bobby fuller died for your sins-2017

2)joni mitchell-court & spark-court and spark-1974

3)real estate-darling-in mind-2017

4)sallie ford-middle child-soul sick-2017

5)joe jackson-one to one-beat crazy-1980

6)neil young-if i could have her tonight-neil young-1969

7)the xx-lips-i see you-2017

8)tom waits-back in the crowd-bad as me-2011

9)mike doughty-sad girl walking-the heart watches-2016

10)nikki lane-muddy waters-highway queen-2017

11)muddy waters-howlin’ wolf-1951


13)the rolling stones-ride on baby-flowers-1967
14)thorcraft cobra-serenade the silence-the distance-2017

15)amanda shires-nursey rhyme-my piece of land-2016

16)susto-jah werx-and i’m fine today-2017

3rd hour

1)john mellencamp-too much to think about-dance naked-1994

2)case lang veirs-atomic number-case lang veirs-2016

3)son volt-threads & steel-notes of blue-2017

4)margaret glaspy-love like this-emotions & math-2016

5)the records-hearts in her eyes-crashes-1980


7)bridget kearney-serenity-won’t let you down-2017

8)delbert mcclinton-the hunt is on-prick of the litter-2017

9)the wild reeds-only songs-the world we built-2017

10)alejandro escovedo-with these hands-with these hands-1996
11)avett brothers-you are mine-true sadness-2016

12)paul mccartney-name & address-london town-1978

13)joseph-canyon-i’m alone no you’re not-2016

14)television-marquee moon-1977