Critic’s Choice: March 19, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)leon redbone-bootleg rum dum blues-long way from home-2017

2)norah jones-once i had a laugh-day breaks-2016

3)ryan adams-to be without you-prisoner-2017

4)aimee mann-philly sinks-mental illness-2017

5)johnny cash-a legend in my time-american v-2006

6)elliott smith-angeles-either or-1997

7)lowland hum-winter grass-thin-2017

8)roxy music-bitters end-roxy music-1972

9)drew holcomb-rowdy heart broken wing-souvenir-2017

10)sean rowe-promise of you-new lore-2017

11)sleater kinney-modern girl-live in paris-2017

12)merle haggard-i’m a lonesome fugitive-i’m a lonesome fugitive-1967

13)tim kasher-an answer for everything-no resolution-2017

14)cameron avery-a time & place-ripe dreams pipe dreams-2017

15)mipso-my burden with me-coming down the mountain-2017

16)clap your hands say yeah-loose ends-the tourist-2017

2nd hour

1)son volt-promise the world-notes of blue-2017

2)velvet underground & nico-i’ll be your mirror-v.u. & nico-1967

3)the feelies-turn back time-in between-2017

4)nikki lane-muddy wayers-highway queen-2017

5)squeeze-messed around-east side story-1981

6)avett brothers-will you return-emotionalism-2007

7)johnnyswim-paris in june-diamonds-2014

8)chuck prophet-rider or the train-bobby fuller died for your sins-2017

9)buffalo springfield-i am a child-last time around-1968

10)greg graffin-sawmill-millport-2017

11)glen campbell-good riddance-meet glen campbell-2008

12)alison krauss-gentle on my mind-windy city-2017

13)they might be giants-dirt bike-john henry-1994

14)wesley stace-remember me-w stace’s john wesley harding-2017

15)sera cahoone-time to give-from where i started-2017

16)hippo campus-tuesday-landmark-2017

3rd hour

1)van morrison-goodbye baby-blowin your mind-1967

2)samantha crain-oh dear louis-you had me at goodbye-2017

3)marty stuart-lost on the desert-way out west-2017

4)pj harvey-you said something-stories from the city-2000

5)peter mulvey-it can get you by-are you listening-2017

6)thin lizzy-dancing in the moonlight-bad reputation-1977

7)rilo kiley-the angels hung around-under the blacklight-2007

8)justin hurwitz-herman’s habit-la la land-2016

9)samantha fish-little baby-chills & fever-2017

10)delbert mcclinton-the hunt is on-prick of the litter-2017

11)the undertones-teenage kicks-the undertones-1979

12)mama’s & papa’s-you baby-if you can believe your eyes-1966

13)the sadies-as above so below-northern passages-2017

14)frank black-abstract plain-teenager of the year-1994