Critic’s Choice: March 26, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)bob dylan-gospel plow-bob dylan-1962

2)ruthie foster-good sailor-joy comes back-2017

3)ryan adams-you will always be the same-demolition-2002

4)valerie june-with you-the order of time-2017

5)blair crimmins & the hookers-gypsy lullaby-you gotta sell something-2017

6)elliott smith-between the bars-either or-1997

7)rorey carroll-i’m low-love is an outlaw-2016

8)chuck berry-havana moon-after school session-1957

9)the matinee-long gone-dancing on your grave-2017

10)seth avett-your world-iv-2017

11)sallie ford-failure-soul sick-2017

12)paul mccartney-here today-tug of war-1982

13)the feelies-make it clear-in between-2017

14)mipso-hallelujah-coming down the mountain-2017

15)rachael kilgour-you’re through-rabbit in the road-2017

16)los campesinos-the fall-sick scenes-2017

2nd hour

1)buddy guy-my love is real-1963

2)aimee mann-you never loved me-mental illness-2017

3)robyn hitchcock-raymond & the wires-robyn hitchcock-2017

4)rhiannon giddens-hey bebe-freedom highway-2017

5)herb alpert & the tijuana brass-for carlos-sro-1966

6)the mavericks-easy as it seems-brand new day-2017

7)marianne faithful-the last thing on my mind-go away from my world-1965

8)hippo campus-vines-landmark-2017

9)the replacements-nightclub jitters-pleased to meet me-1987

10)sam outlaw-trouble-tenderheart-2017

11)ella fitzgerald-between the devil-sings harold arlen songbook-1961

12)the buttertones-i ran away-gravedigging-2017

13)the rolling stones-you gotta move-sticky fingers-1971

14)parekh & singh-ocean-ocean-2016

15)sera cahoone-dusty lungs-from where i started-2017

16)the come on-five fingers-the come on ep-2017

3rd hour

1)prince-starfish & coffee-sign o’ the times-1987

2)samantha crain-antiseptic greeting-you had me at goodbye-2017

3)greg graffin-echo on the hill-millport-2017

4)ingrid michaelson-palm of your hand-human again-2012

5)tom waits-whistlin’ past the graveyard-blue valentine-1978

6)the who-love ain’t for keeping-who’s next-1971

7)front country-lonesome town-other love songs-2017

8)justin hurwitz-summer montage-la la land-2016

9)the beatles-i’m happy just to dance with you-a hard day’s night-1964

10)afghan whigs-demon in profile-in spades-2017

11)real estate-white light-in mind-2017

12)the velvet underground-here she comes now-white light white heat-1968

13)the whiskey gentry-say it anyway-dead ringer-2017

14)pixies-dig for fire-bossanova-1990