Critic’s Choice: April 2nd, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)marvin gaye-you’ve been a long time coming-moods of marvin gaye-1966

2)front country-keep travelin’-other love songs-2017

3)spoon-i ain’t the one-hot thoughts-2017

4)samantha fish-you’ll never change-chills & fever-2017

5)tom petty-alright for now-full moon fever-1989

6)ryan adams-shiver & shake-prisoner-2017

7)stone & gosling-city of stars-la la land-2016

8)van morrison-gypsy queen-his band & the street choir-1970

9)sam outlaw-she’s playing hard to get rid of-tenderheart-2017

10)real estate-diamond eyes-in mind-2017

11)alison krauss-losing you-windy city-2017

12)the rolling stones-if you need me-12 X 5-1964

13)peter mulvey-which one were you-are you listening-2017

14)ryan montbleau-cue the majesty-i was just leaving-2017

15)tennis-please don’t ruin this for me-yours conditionally-2017

16)bombadil-good news sadie-fences-2017

2nd hour

1)james brown-what kind of fool am i-soul on top-1970

2)aimee mann-knock it off-mental illness-2017

3)greg graffin-too many virtues-millport-2017

4)brenda lee-emotions-emotions-1961

5)blair crimmins & the hookers-i’m gone-you gotta sell something-2017

6)earth wind & fire-they don’t see-last days & time-1972

7)jd mcpherson-shy boy-let the good times roll-2015

8)loretta lynn-little red shoes-van lear rose-2004

9)parekh & singh-i love you baby-ocean-2016

10)buddy guy-ten years ago-1961

11)ty segall-green belly-manipulator-2014

12)blondie-die young stay pretty-eat to the beat-1979

13)marty stuart-old mexico-way out west-2017

14)hanni el khatib-paralyzed-savage times-2017

3rd hour

1)the avett brothers-incomplete & insecure- i & love & you-2009

2)samantha crain-oh dear louis-you had me at goodbye-2017

3)robyn hitchcock-i pray when i’m drunk-robyn hitchcock-2017

4)indigo girls-three hits-rites of passage-1992

5)jc brooks-stumble in the dark-the neon jungle-2017

6)the beach boys-don’t go near the water-surf’s up-1971

7)tift merritt-proclamation bones-stitch of the world-2017

8)joe jackson-jack you’re dead-jumpin’ jive-1981

9)drew holcomb & the neighbors-fight for love-souvenir-2017

10)chuck berry-come on

11)the new pornographers-colosseums-whiteout conditions-2017

12)the fifth dimension-puppet man-portrait-1970

13)the buttertones-two headed shark-gravedigging-2017

14)the cars-since you’re gone-shake it up-1981