Critic’s Choice: May 21, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)eric clapton-easy now-eric clapton-1970

2)allison pierce-it is well with my soul-year of the rabbit-2017

3)john prine-aimless love-aimless love-1984

4)aimee mann-philly sinks-mental illness-2017

5)thelonious monk-north of sunset-solo monk-1965

6)rod stewart-man of constant sorrow-the rod stewart album-1969

7)shannon mcnally-let’s go home-black irish-2017

8)j mascis-every mother’s son-martin & me-1996

9)real estate-diamond eyes-in mind-2017

10)willie nelson-i made a mistake-god’s problem child-2017

11)sofia rei-run run-el gavilan-2017

12)the pogues-dirty old town-rum sodomy & the lash-1985

13)cotton mather-california-wild kingdom-2017

14)perfume genius-valley-no shape-2017

15)niia-constantly dissatisfied-1-2017

16)hunter sharpe-ivy-forced landings-2017

2nd hour

1)the troggs-love is all around-cellophane-1967

2)jade jackson-motorcycle-gilded-2017

3)paul weller-hopper-a kind of revolution-2017

4)dee dee bridgewater-a tisket a tasket-for ella-1997

5)nate j-happy-patchwork blue-2017

6)creedence clearwater revival-my babu left me-cosmo’s factory-1970

7)cat clyde-move along-ivory castanets-2017

8)the george benson quartet-summertime-it’s uptown-1966

9)chris stapleton-broken halos-from A room-2017

10)pokey lafarge-bad dreams-manic revelations-2017

11)blake babies-outta my head-earwig-1989

12)little hurricane-you remind me-same sun same moon-2017

13)elvis costello-accidents will happen-armed forces-1979

14)cende-while i’m alive-#1 hit single-2017

15)ten five sixty-you say-the ten five sixty ep-2017

3rd hour

1)taj mahal-good morning miss brown-the natch’l blues-1968

2)ani difranco-telepathic-binary-2017

3)the kooks-down-listen-2014

4)no good sister-higher with you-you can love me-2017

5)sly & the family stone-color me true-dance to the music-1968

6)north miss allstars-you got to move-prayer for peace-2017

7)the clash-hateful-london calling-1980

8)joy downer-caught in your spell-radio dreamer-2017

9)big star-september gurls-radio city-1974

10)american high-september-bones in the attic-2017

11)the charlatans-the same house-different days-2017

12)cyndi lauper-witness-she’s so unusual-1983

13)the drums-blood under my belt-abysmal thoughts-2017

14)the young rascals-you better run-groovin’-1967