Critic’s Choice: May 28, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)tom waits-san diego serenade-the heart of saturday night-1974

2)ani di franco-deferred gratification-binary-2017

3)paul weller-the impossible idea-a kind of revolution-2017

4)k.d. lang-i wish i didn’t love you so-shadowland-1988

5)them vibes-sha la loo ya-electric fever-2017

6)john prine-it’s happening to you-storm windows-1980

7)cat clyde-like a wave-ivory castanets-2017

8)big star-nightime-third-1975

9)the weeks-don’t be sad-easy-2017

10)jason isbell-if we were vampires-the nashville sound-2017

11)camper van beethoven-where the hell is bill-telephone free landslide victory-1985

12)amanda shires-slippin’my piece of land-2017

13)dbt’s-checkout time in vegas-brighter than creation’s dark-2008

14)hiber-a light that washes-what you wanted-2017

15)lily & madeleine-what kind of friend-treasure of the broken land-2017

16)pwr bttm-kid’s table-pageant-2017

2nd hour

1)the kinks-sitting by the riverside-the village green preservation society-1968

2)shannon mcnally-low rider-black irish-2017

3)bob dylan-the best is yet to come-triplicate-2017

4)allison pierce-to the grave-year of the rabbit-2017

5)soul asylum-P9-clam dip & other delights-1989

6)steve earle-poor boy-i feel alright-1996

7)land of talk-in florida-life after youth-2017

8)the beach boys-friends-friends-1968

9)mipso-hurt so good-coming down the mountain-2017

10)justin townes earle-maybe a moment-kids in the street-2017

11)lake street dive-rental love-bad self portraits-2014

12)greg graffin-sawmill-millport-2017

13)the strokes-is this it-is this it-2001

14)mike edge-been so long-mike edge-2017

15)joe goddard-ordinary madness-electriclines-2017

16)davis coen-working for jesus-these things shall pass-2017

3rd hour

1)ryan adams-broken anyway-prisoner-2017

2)rilo kiley-hail to whatever you found-the execution of all things-2002

3)robyn hitchcock-i pray when i’m drunk-robyn hitchcock-2017

4)jade jackson-better off-gilded-2017

5)eels-novocaine for the soul-beautiful freak-1996

6)spoon-first caress-hot thoughts-2017

7)billy joel-sleeping with the television on-glass houses-1980

8)della mae-rude awakening-della mae-2015

9)the kooks-she moves in her own way-inside in inside out-2006

10)little hurricane-slingshot-same sun same moon-2017

11)chris stapleton-them stems-from A room-2017

12)hazel english-other lives-just give in-2017

13)the clash-lost in the supermarket-london calling-1980

14)cold war kids-luck down-la divine-2017