Critic’s Choice: June 11, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)nick lowe-time wounds all heels-the abominable showman-1983

2)the secret sisters-til it’s over-you don’t own me anymore-2017

3)dan auerbach-never in my wildest dreams-waiting on a song-2017

4)allison pierce-peace like river-year of the rabbit-2017

5)grateful dead-dire wolf-workingman’s dead-1970

6)jason isbell-chaos & clothes-the nashville sound-2017

7)ray davies-message from the road-americana-2017

8)the jayhawks-see him on the street-tomorrow the green grass-1995

9)sammy brue-i know-i am nice-2017

10)chuck berry-eyes of man-chuck-2017

11)alison krauss-i never cared for you-windy city-2017

12)the beatles-i’ll be back-a hard day’s night-1964

13)little hurrican-lake tahoe eyes-same sun same moon-2017

14)cigarettes after sex-sunsetz-cigarettes after sex-2017

2nd hour

1)john prine-linda goes to mars-german afternoons-1986

2)lake street dive-rabid animal-bad self portraits-2014

3)real estate-same sun-in mind-2017

4)shannon mcnally-you made me feel for you-black irish-2017

5)teenage fanclub-guiding star-bandwagonesque-1991

6)bob dylan-she belongs to me-bringing it all back home-1965

7)tristen-glass jar-sneaker waves-2017

8)rilo kiley-august-take offs & landings-2001

9)cowbell-doom train-haunted heart-2017

10steve earle-down the road-guitar town-1986
11)beth ditto-in & out-fake sugar-2017

12)roxy music-over you-flesh+blood-1980

13)american high-moon-bones in the attic-2017

14)hiber-what you wanted-what you wanted-2017

15)amanda anne platt-the things we call home-amanda anne platt-2017

16)john wesley harding-remember me-wesley stace’s jw harding-2017

3rd hour

1)bob marley-the heathen-exodus-1977

2)amy lavere-ten cats down-red hot-2017

3)ryan adams-prisoner-prisoner-2017

4)hazel english-birthday-just give in-2017

5)can-moonshake-future days-1973

6)willie nelson-still not dead-god’s problem child-2017

7)rolling stones-in another land-their satanic majesties request-1967

8)beach fossils-closer everywhere-somersault-2017

9)pearl harbor & the explosions-you got it-pearl harbor & the explosions-1980

10)justin townes earle-short hair woman-kids in the street-2017

11)the relationship-suzy don’t-clara obscura-2017

12)dolly parton-poor folks town-9 to 5-1980

13)the suburbs-je suis strange-hey muse-2017

14)ramones-what’s your game-leave home-1977