Critic’s Choice: July 2, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)the replacements-skyway-pleased to meet me-1987
2)samantha fish-you’ll never change-chills & fever-2017
3)john prine-one red rose-storm windows-1980
4)shannon mcnally-let’s go home-black irish-2017
5)watershed-5th of july-the fifth of july-2005
6)chuck berry-eyes of man-chuck-2017
7)jade jackson-salt to sugar-gilded-2017
8)kris kristofferson-darby’s castle-kristofferson-1970
9)boris garcia-i’d do anything-around some corner-2017
10)jason isbell-hudson commodore-something more than free-2015
11)alvin robinson-down home girl-1964
12)cat clyde-walkin’ down the road-ivory castanets-2017
13)the box tops-i shall be released-dimensions-1969
14)parekh & singh-philosophize-ocean-2016
15)aldous harding-living the classics-party-2017
16)mipso-hallelujah-coming down themountain-2017

2nd hour
1)elton john-better off dead-captain fantastic-1975
2)steve earle & miranda lambert-this is how it ends-so you wannabe an outlaw-2017
3)jim lauderdale-you came to get me-london southern-2017
4)norah jones-carry on-day breaks-2016
5)the beatles-all i’ve got to do-with the beatles-1963
6)the feelies-pass the time-in between-2017
7)sharon jones & the dap kings-nobody’s baby-100 days 100 nights-2007
8)the buttertones-i ran away-gravedigging-2017
9)willie nelson & hank cochran-i don’t do windows-honeysuckle rose-1980
10)hall & oates-it doesn’t matter anymore-daryl hall & john oates-1975
11)joanna lee-so free-so free-2017
12)son volt-dynamite-american central dust-2009
13)american high-forgive & forget you-bones in the attic-2017
16)brent cowles-hold up-cold times ep-2017

3rd hour
1)real estate-white light-in mind-2017
2)dinah washington-our love is here to stay-in the land of hi fi-1956
3)dan auerbach-livin’ in sin-waiting on a song-2017
4)alison krauss-it’s goodbye & so long to you-windy city-2017
5)cowbell-none of your business-haunted heart-2017
6)the police-it’s alright for you-regatta de blanc-1979
7)the wild reeds-only songs-the world we built-2017
8)glenn morrow-when night falls-cry for help-2017
9)lone justice-wait til we get home-lone justice-1985
10)rancid-where i’m going-trouble maker-2017
11)jason isbell-stockholm-southeastern-2013
12)aretha franklin-since yu’ve been gone-lady soul-1968
13)korey dane-hard times-chamber girls-2017
14)the english beat-hands off she’s mine-i just can’t stop it-1980