Critic’s Choice: August 6, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)george thorogood-soft spot-party of one-2017
2)st. vincent-new york-2017
3)dan wilson-borrowed-recovered-2017
4)india ramey-the charlatan-snake handler-2017
5)eric clapton-may you never-slowhand-1977
7)matt pond pa-street squirrels-still summer-2017
8)elvis presley-it hurts me-’68 comeback special-1968
9)paul kelly-letter in the rain-life is fine-2017
10)manchester orch-the sunshine-a black mile-2017
11)waylon jennings-cedartown ga.-cedartown ga.-1971
12)emi sunshine-resting place -ragged dreams-2017
13)justin t earle-can’t hardly wait- midnight at the movies-2009
14)taylor knox-didn’t even try-love-2017
15)joanna lee- always on my mind- so free-2017
16)whiskey shivers-red rocking chair-some part of something-2017

2nd hour
1)mike eldred trio-little egypt-elvis unleaded-2012
2)jade bird-good woman-something american  ep-2017
3)will hoge-baby’s eyes-anchors-2017
4)nina simone-i hold no grudge-high priestess of soul-1967
5)teenage fanclub-120 minutes-thirteen-1993
6)beach boys-when i grow up-today-1965
7)lilly hiatt-all kinds of people-trinity lane-2017
8)the feelies-let’s go-the good earth-1986
9)march divide-cherry bomb-don’t let me-2017
10)guided by voices-low flying perfection-how do you spell heaven-2017
11)glen campbell-hold on hope-ghost on the canvas-2011
12)allison pierce-to the grave-year of the rabbit-2017
13)alice cooper-desperado-killer-1971
15)waxahatchee-8 ball-out in the storm-2017
16)jesse terry-dance in our old shoes-stargazer-2017

3rd hour
1)randy newman-it’s a jungle out there-dark matter-2017
2)paula cole-never will i marry-ballads-2017
3)john prine-nine pound hammer-sweet revenge-1973
4)the sweetback sisters-gotta get a goin’-king of killing time-2017
5)sun seeker-churchill-biddeford-2017
6)cake-shadow stabbing-comfort eagle-2001
7)american high-sister don’t believe it-bones in the attic-2017
8)tristen-got some-sneaker waves-2017
9)the hunters-teen scene-play the big hits-1961
10)benjamin gibbard-metal baby-bandwagonesque-2017
11)dan auerbach-waiting on a song-waiting on a song-2017
12)steve earle-wherever i go-transcendental blues-2000
13)beach fossils-down the line-somersault-2017
14)the smithereens-green thoughts-grenn thoughts-1988