Critic’s Choice: August 13, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)paul westerberg- even here we are- 14 songs-1993
2)paula cole-blue moon- ballads-2017
3)randy newman- she chose me- dark matter-2017
4)jade bird- something american -something american-2017
5)george thorogood- bad news- party of one  -2017
6)the cribs- sticks not twigs – 24/7 rock star -2017
7)lynne & moorer- silver wings-not dark yet-2017
8)march divide – tired voice – don’t let me-2017
9)waylon jennings- the wurlitzer prize – waylon & willie- 1978
10)will hoge- through missing you- anchors -2017
11)mike eldred trio- don’t- elvis unleaded- 2012
12)mosquitos- counting the days- mexican dust- 2017
13)glen campbell- angel dream- meet glen campbell- 2008
14)manchester orch-the maze- a black mile- 2017
15)sera cahoone – tables turned- from where i started-2017
16)sam outlaw- dry in the sun- tenderheart-2017

2nd hour
1)grateful dead – mama tried- at cornell-1977
2)sweetback sisters- I got lucky- king of killing time-2017
3)david rawlings- cumberland gap-poor david’s almanac- 2017
4)eilen jewel- don’t leave poor me- down hearted blues- 2017
5)mel torme – comin’ home baby- comin’ home baby- 1962
6)beach boys- salt lake city- summer days-1965
7)paul kelly- josephina- life is fine-2017
8)the slickers- johnny too bad- the harder they come-1972
9)eliot  bronson- rollin down a line -james-2017
10)sparks- when you’re a french director- hippopotamus-2017
11)chelsea williams- little halo- boomerang- 2017
12)hoodoo gurus-another world- magnum cum louder-1989
13)the districts- fat kiddo- popular manipulations- 2017
14)el ten eleven- she’s a live one- unusable love-2017
15)shelly waters- my first car- shelly waters-2017
16)together pangea- alison- bulls & roosters-2017

3rd hour
1)john prine-living in the future- storm windows- 1980
2)cat clyde- running water- ivory castanets -2017
3)glen campbell- don’t think twice- adios -2017
4)alison krauss-gentle on my mind- windy city-2017
5)allen toussaint-southern nights- southern nights -1975
6)bruce springsteen- your own worst enemy- magic -2007
7)lilly hiatt- records- trinity lane-2017
8)rolling stones-look what you’ve done-december’s children-1965
9)the accidentals- kw- odyssey-2017
10)lemonheads-the great big no- come on feel-1993
11)alice cooper- holy water- paranormal-2017
12)emily haines-fatal gift-choir of the mind-2017
13)the clash- 1, 2 crush on you-1978
14)sam  coffey & the iron lungs- you don’t have to be nice- sam coffey & the iron lungs -2017